Newsletter – June/July 2019

People of Shiloh
This summer I want to invite us as a congregation on a unique journey of experiencing an overview of our Bible together. It has been on my heart for the last year to delve deeper into the scriptures with our entire congregation. We, as a congregation, have been reading the gospel of Luke this year together, but more than just Luke I want us to get a sense of this entire book we call the Bible. This summer, starting on June 23, we will begin a journey that will take us through the scriptures, not book by book, but by the types of stories found in the Bible. My hope is that by studying the Bible this way your curiosity to read more will be sparked by the Holy Spirit.
To do this study, I am inviting everyone in the church to pick up a copy of InspiredbyRachel Held Evans. If you would like us to order one for you, please notify the church office by June 10. The cost is $12 if we order them for you. If you don’t love reading, the audiobook is excellent for Inspiredandthere are some great ones for the Bible too. Below is a quote from Rachel Held Evans encapsulating the journey we set out on.
            God is still breathing. The Bible is both inspired and inspiring. Our job is to ready the sails and gather the embers, to discuss and debate, and like the biblical character Jacob, to wrestle with the mystery until God gives us a blessing. If you’re curious, you will never leave the text without learning something new. If you’re persistent, you just might leave inspired.  -Evans, Rachel Held. Inspired (p. xxiii).
I invite you to join us on the journey this summer as we understand our God, our Bible and our way of life more deeply.
Enthusiastic Peace,
Pastor Tyler #LoveBillings


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