Pastor’s Corner for Sunday, March 31, 2019

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People of Shiloh,
When I was back in my hometown, for my mother’s memorial, I was struck by something, “I grew up with great neighbors.”  One couple who was at the service, the Greens, was this couple who was always there for us in little ways.  The Greens would bring us fudge at Christmas, shovel our sidewalk from time to time, buy something from whatever fundraiser I was doing, and would always be there every day with a smile and wave.  Fred Green walked 5 miles every day between me and my school, so I usually got to wave at him more than once along the route.
This Lenten journey in the Wilderness is an important one, I hope our congregation is grappling with what it means to be in the challenges of life and belong to God. It is not an easy journey, but when we find belonging in Christ our hearts are changed.  We are changed to know that we belong and in turn many are compelled to help others know they belong too.  I hate to say this, but Easter is in sight and soon our wilderness journey will end. I am comforted in the wilderness and not quite ready to leave, but just like Jesus we will be called out of the wilderness soon.  The call out of the wilderness is not small, it will be by a resurrection and an empty tomb. 
After Easter, we will be challenged as we watch the disciples learn what it means to live without Jesus with them in the same way, and as they learn where Christ is present in the stranger.  I grew up across the street from the Greens watching Mr. Rogers and I remember imaging Mr. Green was my Mr. Rogers.  A kind man who always helped me learn more about neighboring.  
I hope you will continue your discipleship journey as we move from the wilderness in April, into neighboring this spring.  
Grace and Peace,
Pastor Tyler #loveBillings
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America is experiencing a spiritual crisis, we as American Christians find ourselves in a wilderness of people seeking spirituality. We also know that Christians need a language to talk about their faith that draws people deeply to God. Join us during this Lenten season as we journey through the wilderness of faith, like Jesus and Moses have done before us. The skills we learn this Lent will help us find our way to God, and maybe even allow us to help others in our lives.

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WORSHIP IN MARCH – LENT 2019: Courage in the WildernessAmerica is experiencing a spiritual crisis.  We, American Christians, find ourselves in a wilderness of people seeking spirituality. We also know that Christians need a language to talk about their faith that draws people deeply to God.  Join us during this Lenten season as we journey through the wilderness of faith, like Jesus and Moses did before.  The skills we learn this Lent will help us find our way to God, and maybe even allow us to help others in our lives.
Braving the Wilderness BOOK STUDY FOR LENT– Pastor Tyler is leading a Lenten study on a book in concert with weekly scriptures.  The book is Braving the Wilderness by Brené Brown.  The study will focus on America’s experience of spiritual crisis of disconnection, and introduce four practices of true belonging that challenge everything we believe about ourselves and each other.  Classes will be offereduesdays at noon and 6:30 pm through April 16as well as9:00 am through April 28. Please sign up for the class by signing the sheet in the lobby, contacting the office or emailing Pastor Tyler.  The cost of the book is $13.00. 
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