Thank you for taking the time to write a letter to a staff person or teacher at Meadowlark or Big Sky Elementary, see sample below.  This letter writing is a form of prayer and blessing that we can offer to one of the schools in our community.   

Meadowlark and Big Sky were chosen because of their proximity to our church building and our involvement with them.  If you feel called to write to a teacher or staff person at a different school, please feel free to also use the sample letter below.
You can locate other teachers and staff at
Any connection we make to the education system will impact our community. 
Thanks for doing this ministry together as a church.   Big Sky Elementary                   Meadowlark Elementary 3231  Granger Avenue East                 221 29th Street West Billings, MT 59102                                   Billings, MT 59102
(School Employee’s Full Name),
I am writing to thank you for all you do to support children and families in our community.  Your continued work educating, sharing compassion, and caring for our children makes a difference to the entire Billings community. 
As a neighbor to (Enter name of School) we at Shiloh United Methodist want to offer you any support you may need.    We have people of all ages in our church and we look forward to supporting you.  We are dedicated to letting you know this each year and hope you will take this offer seriously. 
Perhaps you are seeking a retired person to read in a class, adults to provide support or special skills, or even teenagers to connect with younger kids. We hope you can dream of ways we may assist you.
As members/friends of Shiloh United Methodist, we are writing to our school employees to offer our support.  A core value at Shiloh is supporting our community through service.  We offer this letter as a message of support for the work you do. 
Blessings on your work,
(Your Name)