Connect with Community




Jesus invited us to love people of all ages and trust that Children can teach us about God as we share God’s love with them.  We value children as members of our community and seek to provide quality spaces for them to grow in God’s love.  (Age 0 – Grade 5)


Youth are an important to the kingdom because they are the adults of the future.  We value young people in leadership and also forming groups to develop their faith in.  We work with other United Methodists in the area to provide spaces for students to grow. (Grades 5-12)

Community Life


Young Adults, Middle-Aged Adults, and Wise Mature Adults are all valued in our multi-generational community of faith. It is our goal to have everyone in our community connected to a small group of support, that encourages them to grow throughout their lives. 


Our staff work hard to support the people of our church to connect with God, grow with one another, and develop our community of faith.
Each staff member is dedicated to the growth of our community and open to connecting with those in our church.

Pastor’s Corner