Newsletter – August 2019

People of Shiloh,

We run on your faithfulness!!

Thank you so much for being part of the Shiloh United Methodist Church community. In the 22 months I’ve been blessed to be your Pastor, it is remarkable to me how much we have done to help share the gospel with our community. Additionally, I am thankful for how many of you have supported me and my family. This is truly a special church that knows how to care for one another and cares about our community.

If you find yourself away from us for part of August, please know you can stay connected with us. The best way is through our Podcasts. These are audio recordings of the Sunday morning message. You can listen from your phone, tablet or computer by visiting   

I believe my most important job is to help people on their faith journey. In August, I’m inviting you to participate in a One Month Challenge a practice of picking up new habits, and leaving behind unhelpful ones.  I invite you to go to and print the challenge card or get one at church the next two Sundays. Then, put it somewhere you will see it and spend just a bit of time each day on your personal journey with God. It will take commitment to build the habits, but when have we shied away from doing something hard?

Wherever summer takes you, I hope you will spend some part of it with us. We’ve planned some exciting events and our quality worship experiences will continue throughout August.  Please mark your calendar for our Welcome Home Sunday, September 8. Thank you again for being a part of this church family and for the gifts you’ve already given. Each and every person adds something important to who we are.

Enthusiastic Peace,
Rev. Tyler Amundson  #LoveBillings

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