Pastor’s Corner for Monday, April 6, 2020 – Holy Week Info

Learn about our Holy Week at this time and how you can journey with us to Easter over the next week.  

People of Shiloh – 


We have several ways you can practice your faith this week as we approach Easter Sunday.  I would encourage you to take the opportunity to connect in at least 2 other ways to your faith, beyond Easter Worship.  Read a devotional, do the stations of the cross, join us for Maundy Thursday on Facebook Live, or watch our joint Good Friday service.  


And if you are looking for one extra experience of connecting with God and our community, I would invite you to journey outside each night at 8 pm.  If you do you may find yourself surrounded in our Billings neighborhoods by people howling. Howling for healthcare is becoming a nationwide movement of solidarity with those working hard to keep us safe during this time.  As you journey outside consider joining in the howls with your neighbors as spiritual practice this week. A way of letting your neighbor know that you are a child of God and will do ridiculous things to let others know we care about them.  


Let’s howl for Jesus’ sake this week so that our community can know we care for them.  Then let’s practice our walk with Christ as we journey with him to the cross.


Grace and Peace,


Pastor Tyler

Daily devotions will be posted on Facebook for Holy Week.  Anyone can access these by going to
Stations of the Cross – Posted on Wednesday on Shilohbillings.Church and on Facebook will be a printable stations of the cross. Go to different places online to watch videos or do it all on paper at home.  Pray for different places in our community as you journey with Christ to the cross.  


Comfort Food Love Feast – Join Pastor Tyler on Facebook at 5:30pm for a short liturgy of communion and gathering together.  Plan to eat dinner afterwards, knowing that your congregation is all eating after communion too. We hope this recognition of Jesus’ final meal with his disciples reminds you we are all still gathered at the table of God together.  


Good Friday: Seven Last Words- Posted at noon with a watch party on Facebook at 7pm.  There will be a service of Jesus’ final hours in music and word.  Members of all 5 Billings churches will offer us a chance to experience Christ’s death and remind us the sorrow of Holy Week and the sense of loss the first disciples felt. 


Easter Sunday Celebration Service- Join us online at 10:30am for Easter Sunday.  This will be a service of song and worship to remember that first Easter.  This powerful morning service will help us all remember that Christ has called us to be Easter people, even in the days of the Corona Virus.  Dave Merkel and other musicians will provide the music.  

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KIDS SUNDAY SCHOOL CONNECTION – We want to support our kiddos spiritually.  Starting this week we will send out Sunday packets for the kids, they are available to print from our website  We will also be holding a Sunday School zoom on Wednesday, April 8, at 1pm.  If you would like your child to be a part of it then email


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Instructions to Watch on Youtube(Monday after Sunday for time being.)


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Shiloh UMC Church Calendar and News for April 6

  • Billings UMC Combined Easter Sunday Worship Service – April 12 – 10:30 am – Live Streamed (see  below)
  • Bible Study – Norma’s Class – Is offered via video call at 1:00 pm on Sundays now.  See below for details.
  • Care Givers – Meeting are suspended until further notice.
  • Free Store – The Free Store is closed and asking us to hold our donations.
  • Prayer Team – In-person meetings have been canceled.  They are communicating prayers by phone and email. See below for ways you can share prayers with Pastor Tyler and the Prayer Team. 
  • Sandwich Ministry – Cancelled for April – See below for details. 
  • Worship – Starts Sundays at 10:30 am on Facebook Live on our Facebook page.  After Sunday, the recording is available on our Facebook page and YouTube Channel.



KEEPING IN TOUCH –  We will be doing whatever we can do to remain in touch with everyone in our congregation.   If you haven’t received a call from someone from the church, please call the church (656-0050) and leave your current contact information and someone will contact you just to check in.  If you have any questions or more importantly, need help in any way, please call the church and leave a message and we will do the best we can to see what we can do. You can also email Liz at liz@ShilohBillings.Church.  The phone messages and e-mail are checked every morning. We will continue to follow the recommendations of the state and federal health authorities and we will continue to try to keep everyone informed and keep everyone in our prayers.  
EASTER SUNDAY WORSHIP – Worship is available every week.  

  • Worship is being provided and coordinated with all five UMC churches in Billings. We hope you have been able to take advantage of this. If not, please do.  If you need help, please leave a message at the church (656-0050) and someone will help you. 
  • You can livestream the service on Sundays at 10:30 on Facebook Live.
    • Instructions for accessing Facebook Live are available.
  • After Sunday, the worship is available on our Facebook and YouTube pages:
    • Instructions for accessing past worship on our Facebook page are available.
    • Instructions for accessing past worship on our YouTube page are available.
  • If Facebook and YouTube are not for you, we will have CDs and DVDs available upon request.  Please call the office and let us know which one you need. We will put one in the mail to you.

406 UNITED MIDDLE SCHOOL CONFIRMATION CLASSES – These are continuing on-line.

  • Norma’s Study – “Twelve Ordinary Men” – On-site classes are cancelled.  The group will meet via video conferencing on Sundays at 1:00 pm.  If you would like to join the class, please purchase the book (“Twelve Ordinary Men” by John MacArthur) as soon as you can.  Let the office know you are interested and we will send you the contact and video call information.    

CAREGIVERS – The caregivers group has suspended their meetings until further notice. 

FREE STORE UPDATE – At this time the Free Store is closed until further notice.  They are no longer accepting donations. Please hold your donations.  

PRAYER GROUP – The prayer group is still meeting by phone and text.  They will pray for everyone on our list and will include all prayers that come to the website, the church phone and through the phone tree calls. If you have a prayer, please fill out a prayer card on our website, call the church office at 656-0050, e-mail liz@ShilohBillings,Church, or tell the phone tree representative who contacts you.  We are checking all these sources every day. Then we are sending the prayers to the prayer group and to Pastor Tyler.
HELP US PRAY – I would like you to join in praying over some of the requests from the past few weeks.  The main request has been for prayers for loved ones, prayers for friends and neighbors and family members who have been affected by the COVID -19 virus.  Also, there have been requests for prayers for all the healthcare workers who are on the front lines with this fight against this virus. Prayers for a cure to be found.   We also ask for prayers for Sherry Rogers and Tim Hathaway who have lost loved ones this past week. Prayers of thanksgiving for the 5 pastors from the UMC’s for the wonderful sermons the past 3 Sunday mornings.  They have done a great job and since we are spending Holy Week in our homes, I am so thankful that they will guide us through this week. 
Liz Stanhope, Prayer Team Coordinator

SANDWICH MINISTRY – While the sandwich ministry is suspended, Susan has provided funds to the Rescue Mission, and has taken peanut butter, apple slices and apples to them. They are very appreciative for the help! 

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