Pastor’s Corner for Sunday, January 19, 2019

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People of Shiloh – 
This Sunday is Human Relations Sunday!  Throughout the gospels, Jesus demonstrates that ministry is sharing God’s love with all people.  By opening ourselves to God’s love we allow ourselves to be made whole, and we are invited to share this love with others.  Martin Luther King Jr. was a prophet in our modern era who solidified this understanding for Americans.  As we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. day this Monday, I invite us to remember the sacrifice it takes to help others respond to the needs of those our society rejects. 
The United Methodist Church’s statement on human rights is powerful.  As you read this statement remember that churches across the United States and the World are committed to this statement.  
“The rights and privileges a society bestows upon or withholds from those who comprise it indicate the relative esteem in which that society holds particular persons and groups of persons. We affirm all persons as equally valuable in the sight of God. We therefore work toward societies in which each person’s value is recognized, maintained, and strengthened. We support the basic rights of all persons to equal access to housing, education, communication, employment, medical care, legal redress for grievances, and physical protection. We deplore acts of hate or violence against groups or persons based on race, color, national origin, ethnicity, age, gender, disability, status, economic condition, sexual orientation, gender identity, or religious affiliation. Our respect for the inherent dignity of all persons leads us to call for the recognition, protection, and implementation of the principles of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights so that communities and individuals may claim and enjoy their universal, indivisible, and inalienable rights.” Paragraph 162, 2016 United Methodist Book of Discipline 
In your faith practice, I invite you to consider these words, to think deeply about MLK Jr.’s vision and to seek ways to touch the lives of those that society has left behind.  As a pastor, I pray that our church continues to work diligently to do this both inside our doors and in our communities.  
Enthusiastic Peace,
Pastor Tyler

Our January Sermon Series – Watch this Video to learn more.
  • Mission Team Meeting- Sunday at 9:00 am
  • Chime Choir Practice – Sunday at 9:00 am
  • Adult Bible Study – Sunday at 9:00 am
  • 406 United High School – Sunday at 4:00 pm
  • Prayer Vigil – Tuesday from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm
  • Deeper Dive – Making Sense of the Bible – Tuesday at Noon
  • Bookmobile – Tuesday at 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm
  • Care Givers –Tuesday at 1:30 pm 
  • Our Church Birthday Party is Sunday, January 26, (33 years)-please stay for cake and ice cream!!

JANUARY WORSHIP – Let It Go: A Series on Forgiveness.  This January we will be exploring what true forgiveness looks like.  Jesus teaches us great ways to understand forgiveness, and it is not as easy as the old line “Forgive and Forget.”  Forgiveness takes practice.  We invite you to join us in learning forgiveness this January.
“TWELVE ORDINARY MEN” – by John MacAuthur will be the new Adult Bible Study, Sunday at 9:00 am.  This study dives into what we can learn from the Apostles.  The study will run through May 10th.  All are welcomed to join us. 
HUMAN RELATIONS SUNDAY – The Human Relations Day offering supports neighborhood ministries through Community Developers, community advocacy in the United States and Puerto Rico through United Methodist Voluntary Services, and work with at-risk youth through the Youth Offender Rehabilitation Program.
DEEPER DIVE –BIBLE STUDY “Making Sense of the Bible”- The Bible is a sacred text that we hold in reverence as Methodists, but how do we understand it?  Pastor Tyler invites you to dive deeper into the text, to understand its origins, and where you might gain deeper understanding from it.  We will be using Adam Hamilton’s book Making Sense of the Bible.  Classes will be held on Tuesdays and if that doesn’t work keep an eye out late in February for Sunday morning study 6 weeks before Easter. We will meet at St. John’s Mission Ridge Tues at 10:30 am, Jan. 21, 28 and at Shiloh UMC Tues at noon Jan. 21, 28.  Books are $17.00 and you can get one in the office.
PRAYER VIGIL – The prayer group will hold a prayer vigil on Tuesday, January 21 from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm.  In this time of political unrest we need prayers for global peace and environmental changes. The worship center will be opened for anyone who wants to stop in a pray in a soothing and comfortable atmosphere. 
FREE STORE REQUESTS – Recently we have had many requests for adult backpacks, usually from men.  This is reflective of the number of homeless that use one to hold all their belongings.  In addition, luggage, any size, is taken as soon as it comes in.   As always, the Free Store is appreciative of any donation.  However due to storage problems, we are currently accepting only winter clothing.  Thanks so much for your continued support
VISTATION MINISTRY – In the past, one of the Visitation Volunteers visited both hospitals every Monday- Friday.  The goal was to provide spiritual support for anyone from Shiloh who happened to be in the hospital.  Many options were available to the patient and/or the family: prayers, anointing, communion and support in general.  These same options continue to be available but a call must be made to the church to notify a member of the Visitation Team to go to the hospital (656-0050).  The Visitation Team has lost several members and currently the team is very small.  PLEASE call.  This is a very important ministry for all involved.
SANDWICH MINISTRY – On the last Friday of every month the Sandwich making committee makes 200 sandwiches for the Mission.  The cupboard is bare!!  If you would like to help with this ministry, they need peanut butter (plain), jams and sandwich bags. Both peanut butter and sandwich bags are on sale at COSTCO right now.

SHILOH UMC’S BIRTHDAY – Please come and join us for Shiloh’s 33rd birthday and to welcome new members on Sunday, January 26th.  We will be serving birthday cake and ice cream after both services.  

The Larger United Methodist Church – Information leading up to General Conference 2020

Based on the national news attention and the things you may read about the United Methodist Church in the headlines I want to keep you informed.  As your pastor, I will keep pertinent articles listed here about what is coming to the International Church this year as we see the continued work of discerning our ability to be inclusive of all people.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

These articles I believe help you to stay informed and up to date.

Pastor Tyler   – Articles from United Methodist News Service

Article on the most recent proposals of separation that was carried by national media.

Livestream of People talking about the proposed plan of separation on January 13. (Click Here) 

Comparison of proposed plans headed to General Conference 2020


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