Pastor’s Corner for Sunday, July 14, 2019

People of Shiloh,
This summer as we study scripture, I think it is important that we take time to consider how we study scripture as a people of God.  Scripture for faith communities is not meant to be a stagnate doctrine, but living text.  Communities have passed this text along to us knowing that it can hand us what we need for the modern era, not so we can maintain the rules of past.  In worship I have shared that our Bible was not put together until nearly 400 CE(AD) and even then it was not in English.  Meaning the Bible many of us read has been translated by a person or a group of people and has been moving through the work of living human beings into what we have today.
“The New Testament was written in everyday street language,” Peterson said. “Words make something. They don’t just say something. … You are free not to study the Bible but to enter into it, to let it become part of you, — not deciding what you need, but receiving what’s there.” – Eugene Peterson
The early Christians would have had fragments of our Bible, maybe a gospel in their care, some epistles from Paul or others, perhaps a Torah, and some ancient writings from Israel’s prophets.  Somehow still the Holy Spirit and the faith of Christ shown through them in how they lived.  As a pastor of a congregation I trust that if people live in community, share God’s peace and love with each other, and read their text together that the Holy Spirit will guide them to find ways to offer God’s life giving grace to strangers and the community around them.  This is the call of the Christian journey and for us.
Enthusiastic Peace,
Pastor Tyler
We invite you to watch this video to learn more about what is coming up in worship this week. 
Reminders for the Shiloh Community
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  • Sunday is Red Sand Sunday!
  • Adult Bible Study –Sunday at 9:00 am in the Adult Classroom
  • Deeper Dive: Deliverance Stories – Sunday at 9:00 am
  • 406 United Youth will be at Steepworld –Sunday at 4 pm
  • Book Review – “The Rent Collector” – Monday at 6:00 pm
  • Bookmobile – Tuesday at 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm
  • Care Givers – Tuesday at 1:30 pm
  • Bible Study in the Park: Deliverance Stories – Next Wed at 6:30 pm at Rose Park
  • Noisy Offering – Next Sunday, July 21st

WORSHIP IN JULY – The remainder of the summer services will dive deeply into the scripture, to understand how we use it in our spiritual practice and to open us to the divine love God promised through Christ.  Pastor Tyler encourages everyone to get a copy of Inspired by Rachel Held Evans to follow along in this series. Sorry, all the study books we purchased have been sold.  
A DEEPER DIVE WITH PASTOR TYLERSunday at 9:00 am, Pastor Tyler will hold a “Deeper Dive” discussion about Deliverance Stories, Truth in the Stories of the Rejected, from the Bible as part of our sermon series. What do we learn from them?
SUNDAY IS RED SAND SUNDAYSunday we will be participating in a Red Sand Project at the church after each service.  This is an awareness project to fight Human Trafficking.  We ask you to wear red that day.  We will share information about Human Trafficking going on in Billings! It affects mostly women and children.  1 in 7 runaways are victims and 86% of these were in the care of social services or foster care.  After service, we will spread red sand in the sidewalk and the parking lot cracks to show our support for victims and those who are trying to help, including the Yellowstone County Area Human Trafficking Task Force.  There are packets of Red Sand and information sheets on a table in the lobby.  
BIBLE STUDY IN THE PARK– Join Pastor Tyler, Pastor Sarah and Pastor Wendy for a Bible Study in Rose Park, Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm.  Our backup site for inclement weather is Mazevo Coffee on 8thand Grand. We will be using Inspired by Rachel Held Evans.  There will be activities for children, so adults can enjoy the study. Study will be held,July 17, 24, and August 7, 14.  We request an RSVP to know how many adults plan to attend and if kids are coming. The study books we purchased are all gone now. 
COMMUNITY GARAGE SALESDo you have items to sale and want lots of traffic? We are having community garage sales in the parking lot at Shiloh United Methodist Church on, August 10 and September 14. Each booth space is $10.00 which gives you 2 parking spaces.  Set up is from 6am – 8am and the sale is from 8am – 2pm. You sell your own items and keep the money you make. There are also vendor spots available and a couple of food trucks will accompany us. To register call Brenda at 256-5535 or Jen at 671-5770.  There is a clipboard on the “Volunteer for Shiloh” table with more information.

PAINTING THE SHED– The UMCOR shed is almost done and it will soon be time to paint it.  There is a signup sheet on the “Volunteer for Shiloh” table where you can sign up to help paint when the time comes. Ed Heidrich will give you a call and let you know when they will start the painting.  Again, thank you to all the wonderful people who have been building this shed.
WILL YOU BE OUR PRAYER KEEPER SUNDAY? – If you are willing to record the prayers shared in the “Prayers of the People” section of Sunday’s worship, please pick up the “Prayer Keeper” badge on the welcome stand in the lobby.  It’s easy!! The instructions are on the back of the badge.  The prayers you record will be shared with the prayer team who will include them in their daily prayers this week.  Thank you SO much for your service!
UMCOR HYGIENE KITSSince UMCOR Hygiene kits cannot be taken to the U.S. Government holding centers, we are distributing UMCOR Hygiene kits at transitional shelters along the US-Mexico border.  In the last 3 months, UMCOR delivered 46,128 hygiene kits to six church-run transitional shelters.  More hygiene kits are needed!  On the table in the lobby, there is a list of the items that go into a UMCOR Hygiene kit. Everything can be bought at the Dollar store. There are also instructions on how to assemble these kits. Please bring your assembled kits to the church and we will get them to the UMCOR Depot in Salt Lake City.  If you are interested in sponsoring this project, let us know.   
SEWING TEACHER AND QUILTER NEEDEDThe Women’s Shelter has a sewing room but they have no one to teach the women how to sew.  The shelter manager would love any support they can get because the women love learning to sew.  They work on simple things such as pillow cases, pajama pants and other simple things.  If you are interested, you can contact either the volunteer coordinator at the shelter or the shelter manager at the Women’s Shelter. Also, if you can quilt, we have all the pieces for another Shiloh UMC hand quilt.  If you can help, please contact the office.   

If you appreciate what Shiloh does, please consider giving to us financially.  You can give online at  Thank you for supporting our work.
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