Pastor’s Corner for Sunday, September 15, 2019

Deeper Dive With Pastor Tyler -Where is the UMC going?

Join Pastor Tyler at 9am, between services to learn more about what is happening in the United Methodist Church, and specifically the challenges facing us as we work to understand human sexuality.  

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People of Shiloh,

In the past few weeks I have doing some in depth spiritual exploration.  With the death of my mother this year and the seeming pains of death or birth happening in our denominational relationships, I have found it important to deepen my spiritual keel.  One book I am reading is When the Heart Waitsby Sue Monk Kidd.  Her writing about a spiritual life transition she had later in life and her guidance for others going through such a transition are inspiring.

In one chapter, she points out that in much of American Christianity we seem to have lost an appreciation for darkness in our spiritual life.  Sharing that one of the best sermons she ever heard was on the idea that it is in darkness some of the best things in scripture begin.  Another author I know well shares that it is either darkness or chaos before new life begins.  What a profound understanding of the life of faith.  It is out of chaos that God defines creation, it is in fear and darkness that Moses discovers a burning bush to inspire him to lead his people to freedom, it is in the darkness of a tomb that resurrection springs forth from, and it is in darkness of loneliness that Jesus calls the Samaritan woman at a well to go share good news of God’s grace.  The list could continue and it would remind us that sometimes discomfort and darkness are where we need to relax into God the most.

I hope and pray that sometime in our ministry this year we all find an opportunity that helps us to experience whatever darkness we are struggling with in our life.  Then I hope as a community we are patient enough to create space for you to sit with that darkness, to let God incubate you in it, until you are ready for whatever new life God might bring you.

Enthusiastic Peace,

Pastor Tyler  #lovebillings

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  • Adult Bible Study– Sunday at 9:00 am in the Adult Classroom
  • Choir Practice – Sunday at 9:15 am
  • Chime Choir Practice – Sunday at 11:15 am
  • Children’s Sunday School – Sunday at 10:30 am Parents of Sunday Schooler’s meeting –Sunday after 2ndservice
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  • Mission Committee Meeting – Sunday, Sept. 22, at 9:15 am

FALL WORSHIPThe Fall 2019 Sermon series is Faith by Numbers: Choose your own Spiritual Adventure.  This fall we will be placing scripture alongside the life of John Wesley who founded the Methodist movement.  We invite each person in the church to learn that faith changes and practices grow throughout our lives, and you can choose how you want to draw your own masterpiece of your life with God alongside you.  The series will carry us through October.
PARENTS’ MEETINGParents of Sunday Schooler and the Children and Youth committee will meet in the Padget Goodman Hall after church Sunday.
CHIME CHOIR PRACTICEChime choir will rehearse Sunday at 11:15 and Next Sunday at 9:00 am and then will play for the 10:15 am service.  
SHILOH UMC CHOIR– I would like to personally invite you to sing with the SUMC choir this season.  We are an open group of people who enjoy lifting our voices to enhance and guide the worship experience. Our choir members all started without knowing their part and learned by practicing Sunday mornings prior to worship. My desire for you as a choir member is that you have a beautiful learning experience, have fun (yes, we laugh plenty), and learn to read and understand music more clearly. If you have questions contact me, Dave Merkel, at
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SUMC BOOK REVIEW– The SUMC Book Review group will meet this Tuesday at 6:00 pm at the church.  We will discussWish You Happy Forever: What China’s Orphans Taught Me About Moving Mountains”by Jenny Bowen. This novel tells the story of China’s momentous progress in its treatment of orphaned and abandoned children. Everyone is welcome to come and share your thoughts about this book.  
MISSIONS COMMITTEE MEETING– The Mission Committee will meetnext Sunday at 9:15 amin the Fellowship Hall. Everyone is welcome to come and see what our Mission Committee does and how they help people in our community.
CLIMATE STRIKE – Pastor Tyler invites us to participate in the Climate Strike here in Billings.  The Montana Interfaith Network is organizing this event. There will be a gathering to hear speakers on climate at the courthouse lawn on Monday, September 23.  Then short informational videos and conversations from 12-12:30pm at Shiloh September 24-27.  We invite you to join us as we learn how to protect God’s creation.
FREE STORE NEEDS– As this ministry grows so do the needs.  The 33-gallon black bags and the tall garbage bagsthat tie are desperately needed.  Winter is approaching so warm clothing, coats and boots will be in high demand.  Just be sure that they are clean, that the zippers work and that there are no stains. Your support is so needed and appreciated. 
NEEDED: AGING WELL COORDINATOR– We are still looking for someone to coordinate our Aging Well programs.  Training is available and you will not be on your own, Pastor Tyler and the staff will be here to help you!  Please contact Tyler or the church office if you are interested. 
PICTURE DIRECTORY– We will be doing a picture directory of our church family this fall… stay tuned for details. 
FAITH AND FILMFaith and Film would like to do a special all church movie night on Friday, September 27 at 8:00 pm. The movie is Shazam and will be shown in the Sanctuary. We hope you can join us as we start the 2019-2020 Faith and Film series. 
FINANCIAL PEACE UNIVERSITY AT SHILOHMillions of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Taking charge of your money isn’t hard with a plan!  Financial Peace University classes are Bible-based principals that help you get back on track.  Join us October 14 at 6:00 pmat Shiloh UMC to take back control of where your money goes each month.  Child care is available! We will meet weekly for 9 weeks to learn about budgeting, saving, insurance, building wealth, and more!  Sign up using this link://

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