Pastor’s Corner, Friday, April 24, 2020

We hope you will join us as we explore what it means to live our faith in this time. We explore the stories of the Christians after the ressurection and prepare for what God is calling us to next.

We will ask you to share where you are in God’s journey of faith by using hashtags: #BillingsMethodists #LivingGod #LivingHistory

This first week share with us when you have journeyed with Jesus and didn’t know it. Share those in comments, videos, or pictures. Use the hashtags.

People of Shiloh,

Grace and Peace to you in the name of the Risen Christ!

Here’s the short message:

We recently received news that Montana will begin re-opening in phases. Because we are committed to the health and safety of all, especially our most vulnerable people, we will continue with online only worship for at least the next two weeks (April 26 and May 3). Plans for how and when we will begin in-person worship again are continuing to develop. We are prayerfully and carefully discerning many options for being church during Phase 1 of the governor’s plan. We will keep you updated as plans take shape.

In the meantime, please continue to join us on Sundays live online at 10:30 am. You can access the worship service by going to our Facebook page (, or by going to our website ( and clicking on either Facebook or Youtube to watch our service.


Please read on for the longer message:

We know. We, along with all of you, are eager to physically be together as a church family once again. This time of physical distance and staying at home has been long and difficult for us all. We love you and we miss you very much.

As with the initial choice to move to online worship, we are approaching the work of developing a plan for being church during this time through prayer, research, and consultation with health care professionals, fellow United Methodist clergy from across the state, clergy from other denominations in Billings, lay leaders, and the advice of our District Superintendents and Bishop.

United Methodists order our lives around three General Rules that John Wesley taught us.

–       Do no harm.

–       Do good.

–       Stay in love with God.

As your pastors and as people who love the church, we feel deeply the desire to be together in worship. We understand the important part that worship plays in our life of faith. We also take seriously the call that these rules place upon us, and so as we approach this work of developing a plan for coming together as church in this time, we look to these rules for guidance.

Do no harm.

The health of the most vulnerable in our congregation and our community must be at the forefront of our hearts and minds. We know that people over the age of 65 and those with pre-existing conditions are at the most risk from this virus. We do not want to risk the wellbeing of our congregation or our wider community, including our healthcare workers.


Do good.

We are working together as pastors, in consultation with laity in each congregation to discern how to be the church in ways that are connectional and life-giving as the re-opening of our state continues. We hope that however we proceed, we will be able to balance the necessity of safety with the need for relationships and spiritual community.


Stay in love with God.

We continue to offer opportunities to come together for prayer, fellowship, study, and yes, worship even though in-person worship is not possible right now. Please see below for opportunities to continue to be in a relationship with God and with others. Keep checking our website ( for updated information about what we’re doing.

We ask you, our sisters and brothers, to take this call seriously as well. Now more than ever, consider what a Christ-shaped life looks like – how you can avoid doing harm, do good, and love God through your commitment to loving your neighbor. We are all in this together. We will continue to pray for one another, uphold each other, and lookout for the best interests of everyone.

We have been so grateful for your prayers, your grace, and the ways you have cared for each other during this time. We give thanks to God as you continue to do so. We are praying for you and we love you.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Wendy Ochs, Evangelical United Methodist Church

Rev. Dr. Mike Nickerson, First United Methodist Church

Rev. Sarah Clark, Grace United Methodist Church

Rev. Angie Dornisch, Hope United Methodist Church

Rev. Tyler Amundson, Shiloh United Methodist Church


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Staff Parish Relations Committee Update(SPRC)

Linda Stahley, who has served as our treasurer, has made the decision to step down from her staff role at Shiloh.  Linda has faithfully served our congregation for 28 years. We want to thank Linda for her years of service and for her commitment to Shiloh. 

SPRC serves to support our staff and pastor in service of our Church’s mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.  We will be working with Pastor Tyler and the finance team to facilitate a smooth transition.

If you appreciate Shiloh’s either spiritual or tangible work, please consider giving to us financially.  You can give online at  
or give by check by sending it to 1810 Shiloh Rd., Billings, MT 59106
Thank you for supporting our work.
KIDS SUNDAY SCHOOL CONNECTION – We want to support our kiddos spiritually.  Starting this week we will send out Sunday packets for the kids, they are available to print from our website  We will also be holding a Sunday School zoom on Thursdays, at 3pm.  If you would like your child to be a part of it then email


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Shiloh UMC Church Calendar and News for April 24

  • Billings UMC Combined Sunday Worship Service – Sundays – 10:30 am – Live Streamed (see  below)
  • Adult Bible Study – Is offered via video call at 1:00 pm on Sundays.  See below for details.
  • New Adult Bible Study Starting May 24! See below for details. 
  • Caregivers – Meetings are suspended until further notice.
  • Church is not open – If you must visit the building, please wear a mask. 
  • Community Garden Information Coming Soon!  
  • Free Store – The Free Store is closed and is asking us to hold our donations.
  • Keeping in Touch – see below for details.
  • Kids Sunday School Connection – Thursdays at 3:00 pm.  See below for details.  
  • Lawn Mowing Volunteers Needed – See the article below for how to volunteer.   
  • Making Masks!  Want to Help?  See below for details.  
  • Prayer Team – In-person meetings have been cancelled.  They are communicating prayers by phone and email. See below for ways you can share prayers with Pastor Tyler and the Prayer Team. 
  • Sandwich Ministry – Cancelled for April – See below for details. 
COMBINED SUNDAY WORSHIP – Worship is available every week.  
Worship is being provided and coordinated with all five UMC churches in Billings. We hope you have been able to take advantage of this. If not, please do.  If you need help, please leave a message at the church (656-0050) and someone will help you. 
  • You can livestream the service on Sundays at 10:30 am on Facebook Live and YouTube Live.
  • Instructions for accessing the live versions are available upon request.
  • After Sunday, the worship is available on our Facebook and YouTube pages:
  • Instructions for accessing past worship on our Facebook page are available.
Instructions for accessing past worship on our YouTube page are available.
If Facebook and YouTube are not for you, we will have CDs and DVDs available upon request.  Please call the office and let us know which one you need.  We will put one in the mail to you.
ADULT BIBLE STUDY – “Twelve Ordinary Men” – The group meets via video conferencing on Sundays at 1:00 pm.  If you would like to join the class, please purchase the book (“Twelve Ordinary Men” by John MacArthur) as soon as you can.  Let the office know you are interested and we will send you the contact and video call information.  

NEW ADULT BIBLE STUDY – “Twelve Extraordinary Women” – Starting on May 24, there will be a twelve-week study called “Twelve Extraordinary Women” by John MacArthur. This study celebrates the courage, vision, hospitality, and spiritual gifts of women from the Old and New Testaments and their relationship with the God they served. Contact the office for more information or to purchase a book.  

CAREGIVERS – The caregivers group has suspended their meetings until further notice. 
COMMUNITY GARDEN – It’s just about time!  Check back next week for information about community garden spots.  

FREE STORE – At this time the Free Store is closed until further notice.  They are no longer accepting donations.  Please hold your donations.  

KEEPING IN TOUCH – We are doing whatever we can to keep in touch with everyone in our congregation.   If you haven’t received a call from someone from the church, please call the church (656-0050) and leave your current contact information and someone will contact you just to check in.  If you have any questions or more importantly, need help in any way, please call the church or email Liz ( and we will do the best we can to see what we can do.  

KIDS SUNDAY SCHOOL CONNECTION – We want to support our kiddos spiritually.  Starting this week we will send out Sunday packets for the kids, they are available to print from our website  In case you missed the one this week, we will be holding a Sunday School zoom on Thursday at 3:00 pm.  If you would like your child to be a part of it, email

LAWN MOWING VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!  – If you are available to volunteer to mow the lawn once a week once or twice this season, please contact the church and give us your contact information.  Someone will call you and give you a list of the weeks that are available.  

MAKING MASKS – WANT TO HELP?? – We have heard that some of you would be interested in helping during the COVID-19 crisis. Dr. Staci Lee, a physician, and Laura Forcella, a nurse practitioner, both  members of our congregation who work at Billings Clinic (BC), say that many groups have offered to sew fabric masks for BC. We have posted two approved patterns that can help supplement their mask supply for patients and guests. They should be made of a tightly woven cotton and should be layered with two different colors to easily differentiate the outside and inside of the mask.  Donated masks can be dropped off at 360 Office Solutions, just off the Zoo Drive Exit in Billings.  Information is available at the drop-off site about how to receive a donation letter. They are collecting finished masks only and are asking individuals to please use their own supplies. They will accept masks of different patterns that have already been made. They will take care of laundering masks prior to distribution to our patients and guests. Questions can be directed to  A second cloth mask effort is also underway with the help of employees and the infectious disease team at Billings Clinic. The Kaizen Center has been turned into a sewing room for the purpose of making surgical drape masks and gowns for employees in a controlled environment. If you are making masks and need troubleshooting help please contact Darlene Newstrom in our congregation.  (If you need her number just call the office or email Pastor Tyler).  Instructions are also on our website.
 Click Here for pleated mask instructions.

Click here for duckbill mask instructions.

PRAYER GROUP – The prayer group is still meeting by phone and text.  They will pray for everyone on the list and will include all prayers that come to the website, the church phone and through the phone tree calls. If you have a prayer, please fill out a prayer card on our website, call the church office at 656-0050, e-mail liz@ShilohBillings,Church, or tell the phone tree representative who contacts you.  We are checking all these sources every day and sending them on to the prayer group and to Pastor Tyler.

HELP US PRAY – Before we start our prayer group, we open up with this prayer:  As daylight breaks the darkness of night, as the first movements of morning pierce the nights stillness,so a new waking to life dawns within us, so a fresh beginning opens.  In the early light of this day, in the first actions of the morning, let us be awake to life.  In our soul and in our seeing, let us believe in the gift of this new day, let us be fully alive. 

SANDWICH MINISTRY – While the sandwich ministry is suspended, we would like to know of any other help we can provide.  If you know of an organization in need, please call the church and give us the information.    

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