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Each week Pastor Tyler and others in the church will provide a reflection on our church life or an act of discipleship.

October 8, 2017 – Pastor’s Corner

A message from our Pastor – 

Each week I will share a Pastor’s Corner or a member of our congregation will write a message.  These will come out on Friday of each week and will include reminders of the topic for Sunday Worship.  We hope this ministry brings blessings to you wherever you are on life’s journey.  

Over this past week, I have seen the degrees of separation between myself and the awful events that happened in Las Vegas, grow smaller each day.  My family knew one of the people at the concert that night, members of our congregation knew another.  This event reveals how devastating acts of violence can be and the ripple effects they can have on a community and our nation. 
            Violence riddled the nation of Israel during Jesus’ time too.  It is why he shared the statement, “Happy are people who make peace, because they will be called children of God (Matthew 5:9 CEB).”  Jesus knew that if we were to be a better people, to be closer to God we had to seek out peace in all its forms, and we would have to work for it.  After this week and the trauma we have seen, it is clear that there is a lot of work to do. 
            I invite you to prayerfully consider what we might do to stop violence from happening.  How might we be called to curb this awful cycle we are on?  There is no simple answer, and even as answers come to this incident and about what caused it, they will not answer the compelling question of how we reduce violence in our world, our country and our communities. 
            In the meantime, pray, pray for the victims, the first responders, those families impacted.  Pray also for the perpetrator of this violence, as Jesus taught us to do.  Pray deep in your hearts that we might see an end of violence, and pray that God might open us to opportunities to stop violence, and prevent it. 
Pastor Tyler
Dear God,
Let our lives be free from violence,
And when it cannot let it be free from fear,
And when we feel fear, help us know your love,
Jesus help us to be the peacemakers you called us to be.

Worship on Sunday – Half Truths: “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves”
Video –
There are several phrases that are associated with the Bible, phrases that are said at different times in our culture to evoke faith, and yet they are not in the scriptures anywhere.  Each of these phrases has the power to both endear people to our faith and frighten others away.  Over the next 5 weeks we will be exploring some of these phrases, seeking God’s presence in them, and dispelling the pieces of them that cause harm to others in the faith journey.

Worship begins at 8:00 am and 10:15 am on Sunday and childcare is provided. 

Reminders for the Shiloh Community

Choir practice starts at 9:00 on Sunday. 

“Animate” (Adult Bible Study) begins at 9:00 am in the Education Wing.  This is a multi-media class that focuses on seven aspects of faith: God, Religion,Jesus, Salvation, the Cross, the Bible and the Church. 

We will assemble dry soup mixes after each service.  These soup mixes are distributed to the Free Store, the Rescue Mission and the Women and Family Shelter.

Caregivers Support Group meets Tuesday at 1:30 pm. 

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University will be held at the church on Tuesday at 6:30 pm. Childcare is provided. 



October 1, 2017 – Pastor’s Corner


Our time of ministry together is finally here.  In prayer, I keep getting the impression that God has been as anxious for this time, as we all have.  Well Shiloh, it is here, and we each get to take part in the growing work of Shiloh in Billings. God’s anxiousness is probably a hope that we love God, love one another, and love others in our growing discipleship.

As I was writing this letter, I came across an article in the Christian Century.  It was about a rural church at the end of a weather-beaten road who was searching for a new pastor.  The search committee was overwhelmed by the stack of resumes (they were Presbyterian) and decided the leader might be better to write a letter to their prospective pastor with their hopes and dreams.  They were sure the pile of candidates loved Jesus and “wasn’t too much of a lune about the creeds.”  They didn’t want just another pastor with their own agendas and programs, but wanted to be transformed.  In the letter, the committee leader penned this line:

“I’m trying to be as straight as I know how: Will you love us? And will you teach us to love one another? Will you give us God—and all the mystery and possibility that entails? Will you preach with hope and wonder in your heart?”[1]

My heart keeps resounding, “Yes!”  And each day in my morning prayer I hold up the people of Shiloh, as a faithful people of God who I am enthusiastic to partner with. 

Where will our ministry take us?  God is the only one with the complete picture, and my sense and hope is that we all have been called for a time such as this. 

I look forward to this partnership and to walking this Christian journey alongside you.  I will continue to pray daily for each of us, that God may give us vision for the journey ahead.

Enthusiastic Peace,

Pastor Tyler



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 Lead Pastor – Tyler Amundson

My two primary responsibilities as a pastor are coaching leaders and creating community to help each of us see God in our everyday lives.  Shiloh is working with me to increase the interactions of people from different opinions and backgrounds.  We actively pray and work alongside God to create a diverse community to live out the love taught to us by Jesus in our daily practice. I hope you will join us as we work towards this vision of a beloved community working to spread God’s love to our community.
My personal passion for ministry is to all ages through preaching, teaching and organizing ways for people to find their connection with our community and God.  I find fulfillment in my work when I hear someone say, “I found God today.”  I encourage people to search for God on a mountaintop, in church, helping someone out, sharing in a small group, or in their own prayer life.  


When I am not at work I enjoy playing with my family by growing our garden, going for bike rides or enjoying a great day in Montana.  My own personal interests involve exercise, parenting, biking, and being a computer nerd.