Pastor’s Corner

Each week Pastor Tyler and others in the church will provide a reflection on our church life or an act of discipleship.

January 7, 2018 – Pastor’s Corner

This week we begin our new worship and study series, Road to Shiloh.  Jesus’ early followers called themselves people of “The Way.”.  On my first Sunday at Shiloh I shared something we all found humorous.  I said, “Do you know how many roundabouts are between your church and the Interstate?”  My question this week is “Do you know?” 


I won’t give you the answer, but there are a lot.  For most people traveling to our faith community they have to negotiate at least one roundabout.  I have heard people in our congregation talk with trepidation about roundabouts and navigating them.  The other day as I drove into one I noticed all of the warning, yield, direction, slowing, and other signs and realized the challenges that learning this new traffic pattern creates. 


This winter, I invite us to use the roundabout as a metaphor for our faith community, the way we learn and share faith.  I don’t imagine this to be an easy because some of us love roundabouts and others of us don’t.  However, for a people of “The Way” had to follow God’s call to understand how people came to Christ, how they could bless people with exploring faith, and how they could send people out in joy to serve the world.  In, through, and out on a “Way” seems a lot like a roundabout, does it not?


Each week I will include scriptures for our study, for this journey we will be using the letter to the Ephesians and the stories of Jesus spiritual journey to guide our understanding.  I would encourage you to read these before Sunday and if you want to discuss these in person join us on Tuesdays staring January 16th at noon for a brown bag lunch and for prayer at 11:30 just before if you would like.

Bible Study Passages for Week 1 of Road to Shiloh – Ephesians 2:17-22, Mark 1:4-11
Enthusiastic Peace,
Pastor Tyler


December 31, 2017 – Pastor’s Corner

A message from our Pastor – 

There is a story about a church named Shiloh who was planted miraculously on the West End of Billings, Montana in 1985 and how it grew to serve people in great ways.  I have been reading this story and learning about it since arriving here.  It is a story of the amazing ways God has been at work here, around us, and through us as people of Shiloh in our history.  There are moments of great light in the history, moments of hardship, and under it all a hope that Shiloh can provide people with a place to renew and re-enter the world. 
This final week of December, I am taking time to renew on vacation, so I can enter the 2018 year with you all to seek God’s path for us.  To help kick off that time I would like to invite each and every one of you to join us on January 7th, 2018 for worship and then to stay after the 10:15 worship for our All Church Charge Conference.  This conference will focus on our future as a church and be full of invitations for you to pray and work for God’s kingdom alongside us and with us. 
Next week we will also begin our new sermon series: Road to Shiloh.  We will be using the image of roundabouts to understand how we are called as people of Shiloh to support, encourage and send people to be disciples of Jesus in our world today. 
I invite you to join us on the 7th and to continue to pray for us as a church, to help us seek God’s call on our lives.
Enthusiastic Peace,
Pastor Tyler

Reminders for the Shiloh Community

Worship on Sunday – Unwrapping Christmas – Undoing Excess
Video –
This Advent season we will be exploring how we can seek the expectation of Jesus in our everyday Christmas preparation. Each week we will explore a different biblical character in the Advent story alongside an everyday part of this season, for example the first Sunday we will explore unpacking those Christmas boxes alongside the story of Zechariah. Join us as we unwrap Christmas this year and see where God’s love enters the world for you.

If you missed last weeks sermons go to:


  • One New Year’s Eve Worship Service @ 9:00 am

SUNDAY SCHOOL  There will be no Sunday School on December 31st.  New activity packets are available in the back for kiddos and there is a new Prayground in the sanctuary for children that come to worship this Sunday.
FREE STORE – The Free Store thanks Jerry Stanhope for making toppers for the clothing racks.  This adds display area, which is so needed.  Our shortages continue to focus on bedding: any size and any item.  Sofa pillows ae also welcome as the shoppers use them for bed pillows when no bed pillows are available, which is most of the time!  The shoppers and we volunteers are so appreciative of the support you give us.  Happy Holidays.
CRAFT AND BAKE SALE –   The Children’s/Youth Ministry would like to thank all the many people that made this project such a financial success.  Thanks to those who publicized the sale, those who made/bought and baked items for the sale.  Thank you to the many generous people who donated money beyond the cost of their purchase.  Our youth group will have $570.25 for future mission projects. 
THINGS TO DO AT SHILOHUshers and Prayer Leaders are always needed.  There are clipboards in the Fellowship hall to sign up for these opportunities to volunteer.    Snow season is upon us and volunteers are needed to help clear the snow from the sidewalks. Sunday school teachers and helpers are always needed.  Our young people need you as a leader, mentor, and helper.  Two people must always be present in the classroom to fulfill the Safe Sanctuary Policy.  Please consider this ministry for one month during the year. The cookie cupboard is rather empty.  Anyone interested in filling the freezer with goodies of your choice, please do so.  Sharing coffee and goodies on Sundays with visitors and church family is so important to our hospitality.
BOOK REVIEW – Shiloh’s Book Review group will meet on January 16, 2018 at 6:00 pm at the church.  The book for this discussion is a classic: Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery.  Everyone is welcome.   
SHILOH 101 – COFFEE WITH THE PASTOR –The first Sunday of each month, Pastor Tyler will be hosting coffee with the Pastor at 11:30 am.  This is a chance, especially if you are interested in joining the church, to visit with Pastor Tyler and learn a little bit about Shiloh UMC.  Or just come and have a cup of coffee and a time of fellowship.

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 Lead Pastor – Tyler Amundson

My two primary responsibilities as a pastor are coaching leaders and creating community to help each of us see God in our everyday lives.  Shiloh is working with me to increase the interactions of people from different opinions and backgrounds.  We actively pray and work alongside God to create a diverse community to live out the love taught to us by Jesus in our daily practice. I hope you will join us as we work towards this vision of a beloved community working to spread God’s love to our community.
My personal passion for ministry is to all ages through preaching, teaching and organizing ways for people to find their connection with our community and God.  I find fulfillment in my work when I hear someone say, “I found God today.”  I encourage people to search for God on a mountaintop, in church, helping someone out, sharing in a small group, or in their own prayer life.  


When I am not at work I enjoy playing with my family by growing our garden, going for bike rides or enjoying a great day in Montana.  My own personal interests involve exercise, parenting, biking, and being a computer nerd.