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Practicing Extravagant Generosity




In November we are inviting our congregation to engage in a “Season of Generosity.”  Our sermon series and congregational study focuses on “Practicing Extravagant Generosity” and based on a book by Robert Schnase.  This season becomes a time for members and friends of Shiloh to seek how to use their resources to do God’s work in the world.  We encourage everyone to take time to find spiritual practices that help you to recognize where God has given you blessings in your life and how you might share those blessings.


This year’s focus will invite us to consider where our call for generosity comes from, how we live out generosity in our lives, how God’s dreams embrace generous living, and finally how we as people of God commit to a generous lifestyle in Christ. 


Since this is the first season of generosity that Shiloh has experienced with me as the pastor, let me share with you what I hope during this season.  1.  That you find at least one skill that supports you in knowing what abundance is for you, and how you can share that abundance in the world.  2.  That you will find one new way to connect to God as you practice generosity. 


During this season, we invite you to participate in the following ways:


  1. Our sermon series will be available in worship each week at 8 and 10:15 Sunday mornings, online at ShilohBillings.Church, and through our app that can be downloaded from our website. We invite you to join with us each week by being present or listening in.


  1. Each week we will publish our “Generosity Corner.” This message will replace the Pastor’s Corner for this season and will be written by members of our congregation.  To signup to receive these by email please go to church/church-updates/


  1. Each week there will be an electronic Easter egg hunt. We know it is the wrong season, but we have to have some fun.  Each week in our weekly email you will be reminded to look for this egg image, if you find it email and you will receive a gift if you are the first one.  See the Egg Image at
  1. We have two special events we would like you to consider attending during this season. Please choose the one that best fits you, or both.  And please invite a friend who doesn’t go to Shiloh.
    1. Lunch and Learn: Demystifying Dementia – November 8, at Noon.  Highgate Senior Living is going to partner with us to bring a program called Lunch & Learn: Demystifying Dementia to our congregation, a free lunch will be included.  We will be learning about what dementia is like for people, the warning signs, and what care is needed for people facing this illness.
    2. Smart Money Event – November 7 at 6pm. Many of you are familiar with Dave Ramsey and his life-changing class, Financial Peace University.  Millions of people have found the freedom that getting out of debt can bring to their lives. Whether it’s credit cards, student loans, or even your mortgage, being free of debt gives you the opportunity to give more of your time and your talents than you ever have before.  Our church wants that type of financial peace for all of you.


  1. Each week we will have the opportunity to fill out cards to support our practice of generosity. The cards will help us learn where we see generosity in our lives, in the lives of others around us, and who the saints of our church are.  On the last Sunday we will invite members and friends to complete and return the enclosed pledge cards or complete it online.


Thank you with gratitude! 

Things are happening around Shiloh and, through us, in many other places. You are part of it and I hope you want to continue your commitment to the exciting ministry that is Shiloh.


Enclosed you will find a commitment card for 2018.  Please take some time to prayerfully consider your commitment to our good work.  We ask that you return your pledge cards by November 26


our final generosity Sunday.  You can place these cards in the offering plate, mail them or fill them out online at


You matter greatly to all we do.  I am thankful for your faithfulness! 


Enthusiastic Peace,


Pastor Tyler






October 29, 2017 – Pastor’s Corner

Next week you will see a title change to the Pastor’s Corner, it is going to become our generosity corner for November.  Each week members of our church will share a message of how being generous has changed their lives.  This will accompany the beginning of season of generosity at Shiloh, and our sermon series “Practicing Extravagant Generosity.”


Last year around this time, the Cubs won the World Series of the first time in 108 years!  One of my friends posted a video of Chicago after the win, and you could hear cheering and applause rising throughout the city.  People in Chicago were celebrating an amazing victory after 2 lifetimes of ups and downs.


Every Sunday, starting next week, I am going to invite us to get as excited about a part of our worship, as Cub’s fans got last year.  When I get up and say, “Now is the time for the offering.”  I want to invite you to clap.  Not for me (could be an easy way to get an ovation), not for the offering itself.  I want to invite us to clap before the offering because of the opportunity we have to share our gifts with the world. 


Now some people won’t read this, and they won’t know what we are doing.  Keep clapping until they join us, and let’s see what joyful noise we can make.


Next week I invite you to use applause as spiritual practice to remind you what you are thankful for in your life. My hope is it becomes a reminder in this season of generosity that through the ups and downs of life, God does provide blessings of love for us to share with our community.  Perhaps someday we can share this practice with other churches, so on Sundays people will hear cheering throughout our city, like last year in Chicago. 


Enthusiastic Peace,


Pastor Tyler





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