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October 1, 2017 – Pastor’s Corner


Our time of ministry together is finally here.  In prayer, I keep getting the impression that God has been as anxious for this time, as we all have.  Well Shiloh, it is here, and we each get to take part in the growing work of Shiloh in Billings. God’s anxiousness is probably a hope that we love God, love one another, and love others in our growing discipleship.

As I was writing this letter, I came across an article in the Christian Century.  It was about a rural church at the end of a weather-beaten road who was searching for a new pastor.  The search committee was overwhelmed by the stack of resumes (they were Presbyterian) and decided the leader might be better to write a letter to their prospective pastor with their hopes and dreams.  They were sure the pile of candidates loved Jesus and “wasn’t too much of a lune about the creeds.”  They didn’t want just another pastor with their own agendas and programs, but wanted to be transformed.  In the letter, the committee leader penned this line:

“I’m trying to be as straight as I know how: Will you love us? And will you teach us to love one another? Will you give us God—and all the mystery and possibility that entails? Will you preach with hope and wonder in your heart?”[1]

My heart keeps resounding, “Yes!”  And each day in my morning prayer I hold up the people of Shiloh, as a faithful people of God who I am enthusiastic to partner with. 

Where will our ministry take us?  God is the only one with the complete picture, and my sense and hope is that we all have been called for a time such as this. 

I look forward to this partnership and to walking this Christian journey alongside you.  I will continue to pray daily for each of us, that God may give us vision for the journey ahead.

Enthusiastic Peace,

Pastor Tyler



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