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Pastor’s Corner for Sunday, June 2, 2019

Reminder: Praise in the Park 4pm, Terry Park, bring a dish to potluck.

Food Bank Sunday – They are in desperate need of boxed macaroni and cheese, pasta, rice, and canned vegetables.

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Have you noticed that coat rack in our sanctuary, the one I have been getting my robe from each week as we playfully do Mr. Roger’s beginnings to worship?  That coat rack comes from Big Sky Senior Services here in Billings.  Over the past 2 years they have been a community partner for us as we started our Aging Well program, and I have partnered with them to do outreach in the community around a program called Dementia Friendly Billings.  Over the next year it will provide me the opportunity to help businesses, care facilities, financial institutions, and more learn how to be friendly to people living with dementia. The number of people living with dementia will be increasing over the next 10 years in our state, and many people in our congregation know or care for someone with dementia already.

Community partnerships like this one with Big Sky Senior Service become a great opportunity for me to do outreach as a pastor.  Part of a healthy growing church is that we as people of the church, and I as the Pastor develop friendships throughout the community that have the potential to grow into relationships of spiritual care.  In Montana, people consider spirituality to be a fairly private matter. In order for folks to trust us in conversation about their faith, they have a right to know we care about them around the challenges they already face.  Then when the time is right that relationship opens the door for us to share God’s love and invite people in to developing and growing their spiritual life.

As you consider how to help spread the Peace, Hope, Love and Joy of Christ with Everyone, Everyday and Everywhere, consider what relationships put you in a place to offer spiritual care to someone.  And if you are confused about how you go from just a friendship to asking how someone’s soul is doing, talk to your Pastor. 


Enthusiastic Peace,
Pastor Tyler  #loveBilling


This Spring we will be entering a time of learning about our neighbors. How to be a good neighbor, and how Christ calls us to this.  We hope you will join us for this sermon series of walking with the disciples as they learn to neighbor and call people to be neighbors in return. 

“Every human being has value. This is the basis of all healthy relationships. Through living each day as it is given to me, I’ve learned that. It cannot be “taught,” but it can be “caught” from those who live their lives right along with us. What a privilege to be able to look for the good in our neighbor!”– Fred Rogers 

The community garden is prepared and ready for planting.  Please contact Buddy Kastrop if you are interested in helping with the community garden this summer. 

If you want to reserve your own garden box, contact the office.  Cost is $50 a box.

Sheds are for storage.  This may be true, but our shed is being built for more.  It will also store United Methodist Committee On Relief kits that are used to support disaster relief worldwide.  Thanks to our trustees for working on this project.  To date over $3,000 has come from outside our church to support this project.  If you want to learn more about how to support this work talk to one of our Trustees: Ed Heidrich, Buddy Kastrop, Kent Thompsons, Chris Munson, or Toby Stapleton.  To date we have the foundation poured and the walls will start going up soon.
Reminders for the Shiloh Community
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  • Sunday is Food Bank Sunday!
  • Adult Bible Study –Sunday at 9:00 am in the Adult Classroom
  • Prayer Group – Tuesday at 11:00 am
  • Bookmobile – Tuesday at 12:30 pm – 2:00pm
  • Care Givers – Tuesday at 1:30 pm
  • Pound! Class – Tuesday at 5:30 pm 
  • Habitat for Humanity Apostles Build Kickoff Breakfast – Saturday at 9 am 
  • Pound! Class – Saturday at 11:00 am 
  • Pentecost Sunday – Wear Red – Next Sunday
  • Adult Bible Study at 9:00 am –  Next Sunday
  • Worship – Next Sunday at 8:00 and 10:15 at the church & 4:00 pm at Terry Park!
    WILL YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR? SERMON SERIES– Sunday we continue learning about our neighbors, how to be a good neighbor and how Christ calls us to this.  We are glad you are joining us for this sermon series of walking with the disciples as they learn to neighbor and call people to be neighbors in return.  “Every human being has value.  This is the basis of all healthy relationships.  Through living each day as it is given to me, I’ve learned that.  It cannot be “taught” but it can be “caught” from those who live their lives right along with us.  What a privilege to be able to look for the good in our              neighbor!”– Fred Rogers 
    CHILDREN’S SUNDAY SCHOOL– Children’s Sunday School is on break until the fall.  There are kid’s activity packets located in the back of the sanctuary.  The usher can help you locate them.  Please take the summer to worship together as a family.  Thank you for encouraging your kids to learn and grow with us.
    FOOD BANK SUNDAY–Sunday is Food Bank Sunday. They are in desperate need of boxed macaroni and cheese, pasta, rice, and canned vegetables!  Please bring your items in and drop them in the bin by the front door.  If that’s not convenient, you can make a check out to the church and write “Food Bank” on the memo line. Abig thanks to Jerry Stanhope who drives our offerings to the Food Bank (at least) once a month!      
    PRAISE and POTLUCK IN THE PARK– We are having our regular services Sunday here at the church.  Then… please join us at Terry Park at 4:00 pm Sunday.  After worship, we will share a potluck meal in the park!  

    YARD/CRAFT SALE– Evangelical UMC is having a gigantic Yard and Craft Sale on Saturday, June 8 from 8:00am – 4:00 pmat 345 Broadwater Avenue.  You can rent a 12×12 booth for $35.  You must reserve your spot by June 1 by contacting Gayle Carter at 252-8883.  They are also accepting merchandise donations that will be sold and the money donated to EUMC ministries. If you don’t want to rent a space or have items to donate, just come and see what they have to offer.  There are 32 spots available so there’s sure to be LOTS of great stuff to buy.
    GIVING STATEMENTSIn order to save printing and postage costs, the Finance Committee has decided to email statements for the period ended April 30, 2019. The next statement you receive will be end-of-year which will be mailed to everyone.  If you would also like a paper copy of any of your statements, please contact Cindy King. Thank you.
     “TO MARS AND BEYOND” VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL (VBS)– We are holding VBS with First UMC. The dates are June 24 -27 from 9:00 am-Noon.  Early registration (by May 21): $20.00 per child. Late registration (after May 21): $25.00 per child.  There are 2 registration forms on the stand in the lobby (one for children and one for volunteers). Scholarships are available, if needed.Transportation will be available from Shiloh UMC to First UMC on the days of VBS.  Please sign up early to reserve your spot.
    LAWN MOWING HELPERS NEEDEDAlong with gardens comes the grass. There is a sign-up sheet in the lobby on the table marked “Volunteer for Shiloh.”  Please help out this summer by signing up to mow once or twice. It takes about 4 hours and training is available.
    THANK YOU TO ALL THE SHED BUILDERS! A big thank you to all the builders who are working so hard on the shed.  Last Saturday they got the walls up and the roof started and during the week they worked on the siding for the walls.  Thanks to Ed Heidrich, Kent Thompson, Orion Thompson, Toby Stapleton, Jerry Stanhope and Gary McFarland for all the hard work that they are doing.
    FREE STORE: MOVING? GARAGE SALE? –The Free Store requests that only seasonal clothing, kitchen items, and linens be donated. There is space for these things and most importantly, these items are needed by the shoppers.  We have the following shortages: Men’s shoes (all sizes), black 33 gallon garbage bags, tall kitchen bags and Bibles.  As always we cannot do this without the donation of items, money and time.  THANK-YOU!
If you appreciate what Shiloh does, please consider giving to us financially.  You can give online at  Thank you for supporting our work.
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Newsletter – June/July 2019

People of Shiloh
This summer I want to invite us as a congregation on a unique journey of experiencing an overview of our Bible together. It has been on my heart for the last year to delve deeper into the scriptures with our entire congregation. We, as a congregation, have been reading the gospel of Luke this year together, but more than just Luke I want us to get a sense of this entire book we call the Bible. This summer, starting on June 23, we will begin a journey that will take us through the scriptures, not book by book, but by the types of stories found in the Bible. My hope is that by studying the Bible this way your curiosity to read more will be sparked by the Holy Spirit.
To do this study, I am inviting everyone in the church to pick up a copy of InspiredbyRachel Held Evans. If you would like us to order one for you, please notify the church office by June 10. The cost is $12 if we order them for you. If you don’t love reading, the audiobook is excellent for Inspiredandthere are some great ones for the Bible too. Below is a quote from Rachel Held Evans encapsulating the journey we set out on.
            God is still breathing. The Bible is both inspired and inspiring. Our job is to ready the sails and gather the embers, to discuss and debate, and like the biblical character Jacob, to wrestle with the mystery until God gives us a blessing. If you’re curious, you will never leave the text without learning something new. If you’re persistent, you just might leave inspired.  -Evans, Rachel Held. Inspired (p. xxiii).
I invite you to join us on the journey this summer as we understand our God, our Bible and our way of life more deeply.
Enthusiastic Peace,
Pastor Tyler #LoveBillings




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