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June 2017 – Pastor’s Corner

To the people called Methodists at Shiloh,


Worshipping God with you last Sunday was a joy and honor.  As I shared Sunday, each month this summer I am asking the people of Shiloh to pray daily over a single question as we prepare for ministry together.  When I join you in October it is my hope that we are deeply in prayer with one another about our future. 


This month I ask you to pray over the question,

“What is your prayer for Shiloh?”


When I ask that we pray daily over these questions, please don’t feel guilty the day you forget to pray.  Instead take this story to heart:


When I was young, each night before bed my mother would have me pray for each of my family and my friends.  I would add certain friends at points in my life, and forget certain people at other times.  It became disconcerting for my 5-year-old self to think that at times I was forgetting people.  So, at the beginning of my prayers I began to say, “I pray for these family and friends, and everyone even if I forget them tonight.” 


Sometimes we feel like we are trying to pray harder and better as adults, and we forget it is designed to be a playful and grace filled conversation with God.  When I as your pastor ask you to pray daily over this question, I don’t ask you to feel guilty when you forget.  Instead I ask you to playfully and gracefully put this question where you will see it daily.  Then when you see it, take a deep breath and simply offer the question up to God to see what God directs your mind to. 


As you find answers or nudges in prayer I ask you to write them down and share them with me.  Please share your prayers with me by emailing me at or mailing me at 512 Logan, Helena, MT 59601.  We will use these prayers as we start our ministry together in October.  We will use your prayers both in minitry with your leaders and in asking God for direction in our dreaming. 


My prayer for Shiloh as I have prayed this prayer this month is that we become a deeply spiritual people, learning from the ways of Christ, and dreaming with God how to make our community a place of peace, joy, love and hope. 


In prayer,


Pastor Tyler


Joel 2:28 (CEB) – After that I will pour out my spirit upon everyone;
        your sons and your daughters will prophesy,
        your old men will dream dreams,

        and your young men will see visions.




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