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January 7, 2018 – Pastor’s Corner

This week we begin our new worship and study series, Road to Shiloh.  Jesus’ early followers called themselves people of “The Way.”.  On my first Sunday at Shiloh I shared something we all found humorous.  I said, “Do you know how many roundabouts are between your church and the Interstate?”  My question this week is “Do you know?” 


I won’t give you the answer, but there are a lot.  For most people traveling to our faith community they have to negotiate at least one roundabout.  I have heard people in our congregation talk with trepidation about roundabouts and navigating them.  The other day as I drove into one I noticed all of the warning, yield, direction, slowing, and other signs and realized the challenges that learning this new traffic pattern creates. 


This winter, I invite us to use the roundabout as a metaphor for our faith community, the way we learn and share faith.  I don’t imagine this to be an easy because some of us love roundabouts and others of us don’t.  However, for a people of “The Way” had to follow God’s call to understand how people came to Christ, how they could bless people with exploring faith, and how they could send people out in joy to serve the world.  In, through, and out on a “Way” seems a lot like a roundabout, does it not?


Each week I will include scriptures for our study, for this journey we will be using the letter to the Ephesians and the stories of Jesus spiritual journey to guide our understanding.  I would encourage you to read these before Sunday and if you want to discuss these in person join us on Tuesdays staring January 16th at noon for a brown bag lunch and for prayer at 11:30 just before if you would like.

Bible Study Passages for Week 1 of Road to Shiloh – Ephesians 2:17-22, Mark 1:4-11
Enthusiastic Peace,
Pastor Tyler


Faith and Film – January 14, 2018 – Real Steel

The next Faith and Film features

Real Steel

5:30 pm, Jan 14, 2018

The Faith and Film returns with Real Steel. Hugh Jackman is great in this near future action adventure where the sport of boxing has gone high tech.  Charlie (Jackman) attempts to turn his life around with the help of his young, estranged son in the gritty, high stakes game of robot fighting. Bring a friend, a snack, or just yourself and as always, we’ll have a discussion after the movie.

Show time:  5:30 pm Jan 14, 2018

Fellowship Room of Shiloh UMC

Run time:  126 min

Release date:  2011

Rating:  PG-13







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