Shiloh E-Pistle for Thursday, June 4, 2020

A weekly video message from Pastor Tyler.  

People of Shiloh,

I write to you with a weary heart from the struggles we have faced and continue to see in the earthly place we call home.  I am weary from the countless changes we have faced in our daily lives.  The tug and pull back and forth from concern of disease, to the everyday pieces of life.  I am weary of the reality that our country is not safe for neighbors just because of their skin color.  I am weary, but I must remember in my weariness that I am not as exhausted as those who have lost their jobs in this time, those who have been reminded once again that they may not be safe on their own street, and those who fear death everyday.   I am not dead yet, and even if I was, I believe in a God of resurrection.  


Like Moses, we may feel like he did when he was in the depths of doubt and uncertainty of his vocation.  We may feel like running away to some wilderness to herd sheep and find the life we think we want.  However, we are here and now.  


Our vocation as Christian people is to know that God’s work of justice is not done until God says it is done.  Many prophets are emerging in this age, and false prophets too.  I encourage us to listen for those who speak like the prophet Micah to remind us of our role in this world.  


He has told you, human one, what is good and

        what the Lord requires from you:

            to do justice, embrace faithful love, and walk humbly with your God.

Micah 6:8 (Common English Bible)


In the coming weeks me and my colleagues will be sharing messages of Hope with you all.  Hope is not a method, but it is where we begin our faith in confident expectation.  We will hear about race again, and if you feel weary remember there are others falling exhausted and even dying.  We will hear about the need for neighboring again in changing times, and if you feel weary remember others are unable to leave their homes.  When you feel weary, do this:  Remind yourself that it is not just about you.  Then take some time to rest, and remember the dream preached by a young preacher from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. We aren’t there yet, but we can get there with God.


Spirit Filled Peace,

Pastor Tyler


PS – Please consider taking time to fill out the form we have shared the last few weeks.  We will have Drive-In Worship once a month, and online the rest of the month.  The small groups will create ways for people to connect, pray, and fellowship.  The groups will be 6-8 in size and will be in-person and online as people need.  We will not be back in our sanctuary this summer for worship.  I will be organizing the groups this next week, and we will begin communicating with you all soon.    Form is found at just click on the summer worship picture.


We continue to monitor the situation as Montana opens in phases. Because we are committed to the health and safety of all, especially our most vulnerable of God’s children.  In Phase 2 we will be shifting to a model of online and small group worship, intermixed with parking lot worship. Please check back for updates and be sure to join us online for our weekly worship services.

Our Covid-19 protocol and building use guidelines can be found here:

Our leadership is meeting next week to discuss our next steps for worship.

Updates on worship be posted to

Please read below about our drive in worship June 7.

Shiloh UMC – June 7, 2020 at 10:30am

We had a great time last week worshiping with other Billings Methodists from the parking lot and the lawn at Shiloh.  This week we will hold Drive-In Church at Shiloh UMC for our congregation. If you are not comfortable with “in person” worship, on-line worship will be available every week.  As you enter the parking lot, you will be given a bulletin, individual communion elements and other goodies by volunteers wearing a mask and gloves.

Please enter the lot from Avenue C Only!  The Shiloh Road entrance will be blocked off until after worship.    

If you want to watch from your car:  Park in the parking lot facing north (toward the rims) and tune your radio to FM 88.5.  

If you want to watch from the lawn:  Park in the back of the parking lot (near the mini mall) or on the lawn near the back fence (west side).  Sit in one of the designated areas on the east lawn with immediate family members.  Bring your own lawn chair or blanket. 

Guidelines for safe worship

  • Anyone showing symptoms of sickness should remain home.
  • No passing of offering plates or anything else (including communion elements) from car to car, or people to people.
  • Receive and exchange of items will happen with gloved and masked volunteers as people come into worship.
  • Electronic giving or mailing offerings are requested.
  • With the permission of a volunteer, use of church bathrooms will be permitted. Since they will not be sanitized between uses, you will be using them at your own risk.  
  • Attendees are asked to stay inside vehicles at all times if they do not choose to sit on the lawn.
  • For individuals wanting to sit in the lawn area, they must maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from other households at all times. They are responsible for bringing their own lawn chairs and blankets.
  • Those who sit on the lawn are asked to wear a mask to protect others as we sing during worship.
  • Attendees should not interact physically with clergy, staff or participants in other vehicles or spaces. 
  • Vehicles should contain only members of a single household. Do not bring your neighbors or others outside of your household. 

Free Store Drive

We invite you to bring the items requested in the Free Store GIVE AWAY BAGS article above.  Please hand them out your window as you enter the parking lot on Sunday.  

Come enjoy social-distanced worship with us!

If you appreciate Shiloh’s either spiritual or tangible work, please consider giving to us financially.  You can give online at  
or give by check by sending it to 1810 Shiloh Rd., Billings, MT 59106
Thank you for supporting our work.

Sunday Worship

Pick a way to join us for worship on Sundays:

We will hold Drive-in Church at 10:30 am this week.  Please consider joining us.

Or Join us online at 10:30 am for worship on Facebook or Youtube.  Visit our website to access either platform.

Shiloh UMC News for June 4

NEW TIME Adult Bible Study – “Twelve Ordinary Men” – Sundays at 8:45 am. If you would like to join the class, call the office for details.

Adult Bible Study for Women – What the Women Saw” – Tuesday at 6:30 pm. If you are interested in joining this group, call the office for details.

New Adult Bible Study – “Twelve Extraordinary Women” – Starts on Sunday, June 28, at 8:45 am. If you are interested in joining this class, call the office for details. 

Aging Well – Pollinator-Friendly Gardens – Mark your calendars for Aging Well on Wednesday, June 10 at 11:30 am. The Yellowstone Valley Beekeepers will be here to tell us how to make our gardens more pollinator friendly. Most of this one will be outside so please dress accordingly.    

Caregivers – The caregivers will start meeting in person next week.

Church Building is not open to the congregation – Although we will start holding some small group meetings at the church, the front door will be locked when not in use.  We ask that you wear a mask when you visit the church. 

Donation Drive for the Homeless – Hope United Methodist Church is doing a Donation Drive for those without homes in our community. They especially need underwear, socks, bras (sports bras are best) and femine hygiene products. All donations will be taken to St. Vincent de Paul, a local charity that assists the homeless in Billings. The date of the drive is Saturday, June 6 from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.  You can drop your donations off at Hope UMC at 244 Wicks Lane in the Heights. If you have any questions you can call the office at 656-0050. 

Drive-In Church – Join us for Drive-In Church THIS SUNDAY at 10:30 am at Shiloh UMC. It’ll be fun!! Come enjoy social distanced worship with us! Here’s what you need to know about Drive-In Church:

  • You can always watch on-line service from the comfort of your home (every week) if you are more comfortable with that.

  • You can watch the service from your car (audio through an FM station).  Park in the lot faced north (toward the rims).

  • You can watch the service from designated social-distanced spots on the lawn. Bring your own blanket/chairs. Park at the back of the lot closest to the mini mall or on the lawn by the back fence.   

  • Please follow all the social distancing guidelines.

  • Future dates for drive-in church @ Shiloh (on-line worship is available every week)

    • July 12

    • August 9

    • September 6

DVD Players Available – We have heard from several folks that they do not have access to the internet so have not been able to enjoy on-line worship. Many thanks to the Visitation Team, we have purchased several DVD players that will be delivered to those folks. If you would like one, please let the office know.    

Free Store GIVE AWAY BAG Donations Needed! – The Free Store has not been open since Governor Bullock’s guidelines were issued. This past month two volunteers, Judy and Janet, have put together GIVE AWAY BAGS. The contents are sex and size specific and contain: top, bottom, underwear, socks.  A small toy is included for the children and toiletries are included. Since they have been made available, more than a dozen bags have been given away to those who came to the church requesting specific needs. The majority of the requested bags have been for children. The following donations new or used (clean) are needed:

JEANS: Girls, Boys and Men – All Sizes

SHORTS: Girls, Boys – All Sizes

SUMMER TOPS: Girls – All Sizes

COLORED T-SHIRTS: Boys – All Sizes

UNDERWEAR AND SOCKS: Girls, Boys – All Sizes

Please mark your donation: Give Away Bags and bring them to Shiloh, not EUMC. Bring them to Drive-In Church on Sunday or place them in the box next to the front door of the church. The Free Store is SO grateful to be able to continue to execute this ministry during difficult times. Thank you so much for your support.

iPhones Needed – We are in need of ONE iPhone 6 or newer in order to enhance our live-stream experience. If you have one you would like to donate, please contact the church and we will make arrangements to get it. Thank you in advance. 

Lawn Mowing Volunteers Needed – If you are available to volunteer to mow the lawn once or twice this season. The schedule is almost full! Call Toby Stapleton (406-671-1643) to sign up. 

Mask Making! Want to Help? Instructions are available on our website. Several members of our congregation are making masks. Darlene Newstrom has shifted her team from making mittens to making masks. They are in need of cotton fabric and ¼ inch elastic to meet this need. If you have these items available, please place them in the box next to the front door of the church. We will get them to the team. 

Music With Judy… Judy Frank is providing short stories and tunes weekly. Each video shares the story of how a song of our faith came to be and includes the tune itself. We hope you can use this to understand the depth of the music of our faith. Please take advantage of the videos through our Facebook page. So far, she has shared videos about “Standing on the Promises”, “Precious Lord”, and “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee”. 

Prayer Team – If you have a prayer you would like to share, please fill out a prayer card on our website, call the church office at 656-0050, e-mail liz@ShilohBillings.Church, or tell the phone tree representative who contacts you. We are checking all these sources every day and sending them on to the prayer team and Pastor Tyler.

Sandwich Ministry – Our sandwich ministry is suspended right now.  We’ve heard there are several organizations looking for sandwiches so we will incorporate that into our Missional Small Groups that will start up this summer.  More details later.  

Small Group Meetings – Some small groups are beginning to gather in the church. All will be asked to wear masks and will be required to sanitize the area when they leave. Please call the office and request a meeting time so it can be added to the church calendar.  

Summer Worship Survey – Please don’t forget to fill out your summer worship survey! Based on your feedback, Pastor Tyler will create opportunities for you to connect with others and with God this summer.

Vacation Bible School – We are planning on holding Vacation Bible School with First UMC again this year.  It will be, mostly outside, at Shiloh and is tentatively scheduled for August 3-6 from 9am – 12pm.  More details later.

Click here to share a prayer online or you can call the church office at 656-0050
We hope you join us this June as we explore Hope: Living with Confident Expectation.  We will explore how hope is the foundation for faith, not a plan, but where we begin from.  


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