Shiloh Futures Work

Greetings Shiloh Leaders,
In June of 2019 Shiloh Leaders gathered to learn the work of a team called the Whole Church Initiative Team who spent 2018 learninga bout the changes impacting churches and how they can learn to enter new phases of life.  The
WCI Final Report contained in it two recommendations.  


  • To continue working with the other 4 Methodist churches in Billings to understand how we can support each other in growing and establishing ministry in Billings.
  • To develop our understanding of outreach and begin to understand our ministry in light of demographic data about our area.
March 13-15, of 2020, Paul Nixon, a internationally known ministry coach whom the Billings Pastors have been working with for over a year will be coming to lead us through a series of conversations about how we might grow as churches.  This will be a Holy Spirit filled time to meet, discuss and share hopes for how we can work together as Methodists in Billings. Read the initial invitation shared in December 2019 at our charge conference.
Please keep us in prayer as this work continues.  I find hope that all of the Billings churchs has a unique role to play in sharing the gospel and I hope we can establish the groundwork for churches to do this into the next century.
Enthusiastic Peace,
Pastor Tyler
Documents for those interested in Shiloh’s Future:
Paul Nixon has consulted with hundreds of churches across North America and Europe over the last 25 years. He is author of 10 books including I Refuse to Lead a Dying Church and his most recent, Multi: The Chemistry of Church Diversity.
Paul is a United Methodist pastor with a long running engagement as part of the UMC new church starts team, based at Discipleship Ministries. He is an adjunct professor at Wesley Seminary. Paul grew up in Southern California, where he currently lives part-time, alongside Washinton DC.
Paul has recently returned from 3 weeks in the UK working with British Methodists seeking to strengthen their circuits of churches.