Thank you for your generosity!

October 8, 2018
People of Shiloh,
What an honor it is to serve alongside you in the Billings community and support our work sharing the peace, love, hope, and joy of Christ with everyone, everyday, everywhere.  Over the last year, we have worked hard at following God’s call to serve our community and grow in our faith.  One of my favorite moments is when 400+ showed up in our building for our Easter Egg hunt.  Even though we had no idea God would send us that many people, I watched the people of Shiloh shift into hospitality worthy of a church.  Members ran to get more candy for eggs, people stepped up to help guide the crowd, and the community returned the generosity by celebrating the bounce house we placed in our sanctuary, “Did you see that church move the chairs in their worship space to let people have fun?”
This month in worship, we are exploring what it means to be a “Generous Church.”  We hope to share how Shiloh is generous with our resources in supporting our community, in growing disciples and in sharing the gospel.  Enclosed in this envelope you will find a breakdown of how we hope to use our financial resources in 2019. Also on that sheet, you will see a graph of how I spend my time working as a community Christian leader on Shiloh’s behalf.  Our hope is that tools like these will help exemplify how your generous gifts support our work as Shiloh. 
Thank you for the gifts you have already given to help make our ministry possible.  Without your generous gifts we could not do the work we do, and invest in a future where God’s love will be more known here and around the world.  My hope, as your pastor, is that you gain two things from this season of generosity and learning:  1. That you find at least one skill that supports you in knowing what abundance is, and how you can share that abundance in the world, and 2. That you will find one new way to connect to God as you practice generosity.  
During this season, we invite you to participate in the following ways:

  1. Our sermon series will be available in worship each week at 8:00 and 10:15 Sunday mornings, online at ShilohBillings.Church, and through our app that can be downloaded from our website.  We invite you to join us each week by being present or listening in.


  1. Each week we will publish our “Generosity Corner” where I will share how your work as a congregation, and how listening to Shiloh’s hopes has shaped how we have organized our work as a church.  To sign up to receive these messages by email please go to find it in the bulletin.


  1. In worship each week there will be a video from one of our congregation members sharing “Why they give to Shiloh?” and “Why they are excited for Shiloh’s future?”


  1. We have two events during this season.  These are in response to congregational feedback over the last year.  They are designed to reach our existing congregation and to reach families.  Please choose the one that best fits you, or both. And please invite a friend who doesn’t go to Shiloh.
    1. Aging Well: Nutrition and Healthy Choices – October 17 at Noon.  Highgate Senior Living is going to bring a program called Lunch & Learn: Nutrition and Healthy choices, a free lunch will be included.  We will be learning about how to make healthy eating choices as we grow older, and some tips and tricks on how to do it.  They will even feed us good tasting, healthy food.
    2. Messy Church – October 23 at 5:30pm.  Messy Church is a worldwide church style that is bringing families back to church.  It allows kids and parents/grandparents/guardians to worship together, pray together, and eat together.  We are holding Messy Church every week and would love for you to join us, to learn about it, and see if there is someone in your life to invite to Messy Church.


  1. We invite you to practice generosity and let go of household items by donating them to the United Methodist FreeStore on October 21st.  October means winter clothing and winter bedding needs increase.  As the temperatures turn colder, these items are in high demand so all donations are welcome.  


  1. On October 28th, we will send you home with a piece of Shiloh, and invite you to bring the enclosed pledge card to worship with you.  We will consecrate these cards and all our gifts as a way of recognizing God’s abundance for our church.

You are part of all this gospel work and I hope you continue your commitment to the exciting ministry that is Shiloh.
Enclosed you will find a commitment card for 2019.  Please take some time to prayerfully consider your commitment to our good work.  We ask that you return your pledge cards by October 28thon our final generosity Sunday.  You can place these cards in the offering plate, mail them or fill them out online at

Enthusiastic Shalom,                                                          In Support,
Rev. Tyler Amundson                                                         Susan Hathaway, Finance Chair

Shiloh United Methodist Church 2019 Narrative Budget:

Ministry & Missions Work    $    7,815      3.76%
Includes: Sunday Schools, Youth Group, Social Activities, Missions Work, Visitation Ministry, Worship Planning and Environment  
Church Operations    $    9,000      4.33%
Includes: Advertising, Office Supplies, Postage, Phone and Internet, Computer Programs and Upkeep, Copier            

Congregational Support    $  67,222    32.32%
Includes: Personnel costs for supporting people following Jesus Christ with discipleship, education, age level ministry and worship design  
Leadership Development    $ 17,663      8.49%
Includes: Personnel costs for supporting staff, lay leadership and others in sustaining our ministries       
Counseling and Care    $ 17,195      8.27%
Includes:  Personnel costs for time in prayer with members of the congregation, supporting baptisms, weddings, funerals, and counseling in times of crisis            

Support to UMC/Interfaith Activities    $   9,592      4.61%

Includes: Personnel costs to maintain our connection with the larger United Methodist Church for mission and ministry and for connecting with others of the Christian faith and other faiths to support God’s work in the world            
Community Outreach and Mission    $ 23,043    11.08%
Includes: Personnel costs for meeting people in the community, taking part in community effortson behalf of the church, efforts to help people know why Christian people are called to make a difference in the world.            
TOTALS        $208,000    100.00%
2019 Breakdown of Pastor Tyler’s Time 
By Category
25% – Community Outreach, Mission and Evangelism
Meeting people in the community, community efforts I take part in as a United Methodist, or representing Shiloh, and any effort to help people know why Christian people are called to make a difference in the world.
35% – Supporting people following Jesus Christ
(Congregational Support)

Discipleship, education, age level ministry and worship planning/design.
15% – Leadership Development
Supporting our staff, lay leadership and others in sustaining our ministries through coaching, and advisement.
15% – Counseling and Care
Time in prayer with members of the congregation, supporting baptisms, weddings, funerals, and offering a counseling ear in times of crisis.
10% – Support to the United Methodist Church, Ecumenical and 
           Interfaith Activity
We maintain our connection with our larger church for mission and ministry, connecting with brothers and sisters in the Christian faith and other faiths to support God’s work in the world.

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