Serve Billings


Community Resource Guide

This guide has numbers to a variety of community resources that help with different needs people my have. Data was taken from and updated information can be found there.
Community Services List – This is a document that if printed double sided makes a easy brochure.

Shiloh Community Garden

The Shiloh community garden is a partnership between members of our church community and the Billings community.  Plots are available for purchase in the spring.  Each person is asked to care for their plot, and to help caring for a larger plot that shares its bounty with the United Methodist Free Store and the Montana Rescue Mission. Click here to go to  our community garden page to learn more.  



The Free Store

You can become involved by volunteering your time while the Store is open, by donating items (linens, kitchen items, clothing), or by donating money to help meet the $200.00/month rent and utility costs. Please contact Peg Parker: 406-690-6370 or at
You can donate at Evangelical UMC on Broadwater Avenue from 8:30am – 12pm, Wednesday and Saturday
Sharing Others’ Generosity through Our Faith
2018 was a very busy year for the Free Store.  1,412 family visits happened, but even more amazing was that on seven different Saturdays, 70+ families visited.  The only other time we had 70+ was in 2013 and that was only once.  Even more telling is our average number served per Saturday was 53 in 2017 and 56 in 2018. This mission continues to make such a difference.  
However, without your support of time and/or donations (goods or money), many in our community would not have the resources the Free Store provides. THANK YOU. Volunteer Director, Peg Parker.

Mitten Ministry

One member of our congregation, Darlene Newstrom, has a ministry of mittens for those who need them in our community. Community members throughout Billings have begun to take part in this ministry. Mittens have been offered to the HUB, Montana Rescue Mission, Yellowstone Free Store, and more. If you would like to support Darlene, please contact the church. You can donate to this ministry by giving fleece for the inside of the mittens or old wool overcoats for the outside of the mittens. Learn more in the video below:

Click for video


Billings Habitat for Humanity

Shiloh UMC is a supporter of the Mid-Yellowstone Valley Affiliate of Habitat for Humanity. As such, Shiloh has volunteered to provide lunches on several occasions for the volunteer work crews on Saturdays. We have been coordinating with other Methodist churches in the Billings Area by providing these lunches on a quarterly basis. Volunteers from Shiloh have included numerous members of the congregation through the Missions Committee. Recently, the Missions Committee pledged to support the upcoming Apostles Build that includes monetary donations from several churches of various denominations as well as other community groups.