Living the faith, hope, love and joy of Christ with everyone, everyday, everywhere. 

Lead Pastor – Tyler Amundson

My two primary responsibilities as a pastor are coaching leaders and creating community to help each of us see God in our everyday lives.  Shiloh is working with me to increase the interactions of people from different opinions and backgrounds.  We actively pray and work alongside God to create a diverse community to live out the love taught to us by Jesus in our daily practice. I hope you will join us as we work towards this vision of a beloved community working to spread God’s love to our community.
My personal passion for ministry is to all ages through preaching, teaching and organizing ways for people to find their connection with our community and God.  I find fulfillment in my work when I hear someone say, “I found God today.”  I encourage people to search for God on a mountaintop, in church, helping someone out, sharing in a small group, or in their own prayer life.


When I am not at work I enjoy playing with my family by growing our garden, going for bike rides or enjoying a great day in Montana.  My own personal interests involve exercise, parenting, biking, and being a computer nerd.

Church Administrator – Pam Dandrea

My family and I came to Shiloh in 1990. We loved the people! My kids have grown have (beautiful) children of their own now. My newest grandkids are twins who came a little early and are hoping to come home soon. I recently retired and I think I failed (if that’s possible) because about two weeks after retiring, I said “yes” to an offer to work here as the Church Administrator. It was a new position created to take some of the administrative pressure off of the pastor. All the skills they said I needed were the ones I have so I figured God had a different plan for me than lounging around the house in my PJs. I love the new job! I only work a couple hours a couple days a week, but I am learning new skills. It has a much different pace than my old job! I have been on almost all committees in the church. I especially enjoy the newest one – Messy Church! I feel blessed to be in this place now that I spend more time here.

Administrative Assistant – Liz Stanhope

Visitation Support and Prayer Coordination
My name is Liz Stanhope and my husband Jerry and our son JR started at SUMC on Jan.1990. We were an Army family a d we had been in Brussels before coming back to Billings to retire. Our son was confirmed here and our Granddaughter was baptized here. Jerry and I renewed our wedding vows with Pastor Burt and JR and his wife were also married by Pastor Burt. I have had the privilege to work with both Dave Merkel and Pastor Tyler. I am a Visitation minister, prayer group leader and a member of the downstairs crew at the Free Store plus I am the administrative assistant and have been for 6 years. This church and the people in it bring peace and love to me and I am so lucky to be here.

 Choir Director – Dave Merkel

I am the choir director for Shiloh UMC — a role I enjoy immensely! I’ve been associated with Shiloh for a few years now, in varying roles, but anyone that knows me knows that music is really where it’s at for me. I love Shiloh for what it is: a collection of awesome and diverse people finding our way in the world together as God’s children. As Shiloh continues to change and grow, in dynamic ways, I hope to have more peeps join the choir; there is no litmus test for talent or skill level. I welcome your interest in being a part of our great group.
Music is an integral part of our faith, God, Creation, and even ourselves. It stands to reason that music helps all worshippers better connect with God and one another, and it is the practice of worship where we are empowered and sent out into the world to be God’s people — compassionate cohorts in Christ. My hope is that we can continue to grow the music program at Shiloh, and thereby grow the impact it has on worshippers and their participation in life beyond and without the walls, out in the world.

 Accompanist/Bell Choir Director – Judy Frank

I have been involved with music since the age of 5. My music passion has always been hymn singing. I believe we hear God’s message of love to us through song.  Shiloh Methodist and their ministry to our neighbors in Billings made this church a place where I could fit in. From the first moment I walked through the front door, I felt very welcome. It has been a great joy for me to accompany the adult choir. The chime choir has provided an opportunity to create an inter-generational activity for our church members from older members to youth. I appreciate Shiloh providing me this opportunity to help create a positive and exciting worship experience for all who walk in our doors.