Living the faith, hope, love and joy of Christ with everyone, everyday, everywhere. 


Hello Shiloh United Methodist Church!
My name is Alison Skillman (she/her) and I will be your new pastor coming this July! I am so exciting to be joining your community and we can begin to grow God’s love across Billings together!


Church Secretary – TBD

 Position open – taking letters of interest and resumes send to SPRC Shiloh Church.
Rachel Robertson


Bookkeeper / Children’s Coordinator – Brenda Longin




Treasurer / Fellowship-Kitchen – Susan Hathaway


For several years, I have been Finance Chair and in 2020 became Shiloh UMC’s Treasurer.  I am a numbers person with an accounting and office management background backed up by a Business Administration Bachelor’s degree. Shiloh is the third church that I have served at as Treasurer, and I find it rewarding.
My spiritual journey started almost 70 years ago from sprinkle baptism, confirmation, teaching Sunday School, Walk to Emmaus, Prison Ministry and Lay Leadership training. I am a mother, grandmother, and as of 2020 a widow. Shiloh has become a special home to me with which my journey continues to be a blessing. Shiloh has become my extended family that I have found spiritual mentors and hope that I can be a mentor others in their journey. The Finance/Stewardship Team, Shiloh Care Givers Support Group, Mission Team, Fellowship/Kitchen Team, Endowment Team and Trustee support are very special to me.


Piano / Chime Choir Director – Judy Frank

I have been involved with music since the age of five. My music passion has always been hymn singing. I believe we hear God’s message of love to us through song.  Shiloh Methodist and their ministry to our neighbors in Billings made this church a place where I could fit in.
From the first moment I walked through the front door, I felt very welcome. It has been a great joy for me to accompany the adult choir. The chime choir has provided an opportunity to create an inter-generational activity for our church members from older members to youth.
I appreciate Shiloh providing me this opportunity to help create a positive and exciting worship experience for all who walk in our doors.

General Assistant / Nursery – Sandi Rogina