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Serve Billings


Community Resource Guide

This guide has numbers to a variety of community resources that help with different needs people my have.  Data was taken from and updated information can be found there.
Community Services List – This is a document that if printed double sided makes a easy brochure.

A Message from Pastor Tyler about missions:

  • People of Shiloh,

    In 2020 we have been in Mission as much as ever to our community.  I think it is important that we take a minute and share how we as a church have shared our resources.  My hope is that by seeing this great work we might be inspired to reach out in the coming year.  I share this information that you might let others know you are Methodist because your church gives back to the community to make it a better place in God’s love.

    In 2020 we were able to be God’s hands and feet through:
    •    Angel Tree and Pantry Supply Drive providing pantry supplies to Tumbleweed and Independence Hall and sixty $20 gift cars for Tumbleweed, St. John’s United Memory Care, Autumn Springs and Independence Hall.
    •    Community Garden produced and donated hundreds of pounds of fresh produce to the food bank thanks to our church staff and volunteers.
    •    We supported Copper Ridge in building their playground by sending $500 to make sure kids in our neighborhoods have a place to play.  
    •    With Darlene Newstrom’s leadership and along with Sandi Rogina and others we have made hundreds of masks for our church and for people in our community.
    •    We supported Family Promise through their Beach Blizzard Fundraiser and sent them $1000 to support their work. (Formerly known as Interfaith Hospitality Network)
    •    Food Bank support continued both financially and through donations our congregation shared.  Thanks to Jerry Stanhope for the consistent delivery.
    •    Our United Methodist Free Store overcame the challenges of a pandemic to collect donations, and set up appointments to get household supplies to our guests.  This year the SUMC mission team shared $600 to help support utilities for the Free Store.  Thank you to Peg Parker for your dedication to help continue this vital work.
    •    We sent $1,000 and some additional gift cards to the RAD GRAD program at Senior High School to support homeless students with groceries and basic needs.
    •    Shiloh continued to offer soup mixes to the Free Store, and Liz Stanhope continued to get the supplies together.  We are looking for places to share these mixes more in the future.
    •    Habitat for Humanity continued its vital work and we supported the ongoing Apostles build with $1,000 and $100 additional dollars to help cover lunches of two build days.  Thanks to Matt Mettler for continuing this work.
    •    We sent $50 to support Bozeman UMC’s Mission Team project to send supplies to help cleanup after riots over racial inequality.
    •    Darlene Newstrom continues to do her incredible mitten ministry and we helped connect some of the mittens to Hope UMC who got them out in homeless kits this year.
    •    Pat Montgomery organized our Relay for Life team, sold daffodils and helped support this work.
    •    Due to the pandemic, the sandwich ministry could not meet, but instead we sent $100 a month to the organizations we made sandwiches for.
    •    We gathered school supplies for the United Way Operation Supply
    •    We took donations of sleeping bags to organizations that support homelessness.
    •    We gathered supplies for Flood Buckets for the United Methodist Committee on Relief
    •    With the cancelled Trunk or Treat we shared the supplies we had collected with St. Vincent Healthcare and Billings Clinic Emergency departments, Riverstone Health, Tumbleweed and Independence Hall.
    •    We repurposed our coffee supplies we stopped using in March to Independence Hall, who was in need to support their continued work.
    •    Our Christmas offering along with $500 from missions went to Intermountain (Chilren’s Home), learn more about this Methodist ministry at
    Special thanks to Pam Dandrea and Susan Hathaway for the incredible leadership of Missions in this year, and to our Mission Team members for their work.  

    God willing, we will continue to bless our community in the coming year.  Thank you for helping us do this work.  

    Enthusiastic Peace,

    Pastor Tyler



Shiloh Community Garden

The Shiloh community garden is a partnership between members of our church community and the Billings community.  Plots are available for purchase in the spring.  Each person is asked to care for their plot, and to help caring for a larger plot that shares its bounty with the United Methodist Free Store and the Montana Rescue Mission. Click here to go to  our community garden page to learn more.  



The Free Store

You can become involved by volunteering your time while the Store is open, by donating items (linens, kitchen items, clothing), or by donating money to help meet the $200.00/month rent and utility costs. Please contact Peg Parker: 406-690-6370 or at
You can donate at Evangelical UMC on Broadwater Avenue from 8:30 – noon, Wednesday and Saturday
Sharing Others’ Generosity Through Our Faith

2018 was a very busy year for the Free Store.  1,412 family visits happened, but even more amazing was that on seven different Saturdays, 70+ families visited.  The only other time we had 70+ was in 2013 and that was only once.  Even more telling is our average number served per Saturday was 53 in 2017 and 56 in 2018. This mission continues to make such a difference.  However without your support of time and/or donations (goods or money) many in our community would be living with oot what the resources the Free Store provides. THANK YOU. Volunteer Director, Peg Parker.



Mitten Ministry

One member of our congregation, Darlene Newstrom, has begun a ministry of mittens to those who need them in our community.  Community members throughout Billings have begun to take part in this ministry.  Mittens have been offered to the HUB, Montana Rescue Mission, Yellowstone Free Store, and more.  If you would like to support Darlene, please contact the church.  You can donate to this ministry by giving fleece for the inside of the mittens or old wool overcoats for the outside of the mittens.  Learn more in the video below:

Click for video


 Sandwich Ministry

Every month Shiloh UMC’s Sandwich Ministry makes a couple hundred sandwiches for delivery to The Women & Family Shelter in Billings, providing meals to those who turn to the shelter for their services and support. Any sandwiches that aren’t needed by WFS are taken to the Rescue Mission to feed the homeless.
You’re welcome to join us on the last Friday of each month at 12:15pm to make sandwiches and bag cookies.
Donations are always welcome. Items we can always use include: sliced brick-style cheese (unwrapped), zippered sandwich bags, creamy peanut butter, grape jelly, homemade cookies, and of course we’ll accept donations to purchase meat, bread, and fruit for this ministry.

Billings Habitat for Humanity

Shiloh UMC is a supporter of the Mid-Yellowstone Valley Affiliate of Habitat for Humanity. As such, Shiloh has volunteered to provide lunches on several occasions for the volunteer work crews on Saturdays. We have been coordinating with other Methodist churches in the Billings Area by providing these lunches on a quarterly basis. Volunteers from Shiloh have included numerous members of the congregation through the Missions Committee. Recently, the Missions Committee pledged to support the upcoming Apostles Build that includes monetary donations from several churches of various denominations as well as other community groups.

Relay for Life

Shiloh UMC will sponsor a team for Relay for Life again this year. Pat Montgomery has agreed to be our new team leader. Our team has already begun to form and we would love to have you join us! Please contact Pat at her home (655-3507) or call Liz at the church office (656-0050) to sign up for this opportunity.