Serve Shiloh


Serve Shiloh

We hope you find a ministry team at Shiloh to serve with, or some other way to contribute to the community. We believe each person brings gifts and skills to the community of Christ. Join us in that work!

To get involved in any of these areas  contact the office, ask your pastor, or talk to a leader you know in the church.

 Music Ministry

(Join our choir, offer solos, and find ways to share you God give gifts.)

Prayer Ministry

(Join our team as they pray and offer our congregation opportunities to pray for each other and the world.)


(Calling Shiloh to service of Billings and the world)

 Worship Environment

(Setting worship themes, space, and helping invite the Holy Spirit)

 Messy Church

(Supporting our new ministry to families and children)

 Children’s Ministry

(Serve on the planning team, or volunteer for Sunday School or Summer Camp)

 Youth Ministry

(Volunteer or serve on the planning team.)

Staff and Pastor Support 

(Staff Parish Relations Team serves our pastor and staff by supporting their work, and developing support for personnel policies.)


(Support our financial stewardship which supports our ministry.)


(Help us with inviting in new members, and connecting with those we have not seen in some time.)

Nominations and Leadership

(Help the team that works to develop leaders, and unlocks their God given potential)

 Fellowship and Social Events

(Support our ministry by creating ways for our people to connect, converse, and collaborate.)

Community Garden Support

(Join the team working to vision the future of our garden ministry.)


(Building and Legal Ministry)


Visitation Ministry

(A team that visits those that can’t come to us to engage their faith.  Shares communion and a listening ear.)